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Excess Diesel Emissions Killing 38,000 Annually, Says New Report

Emissions tests fail to reflect real-world driving.

by on May.16, 2017

A new study reveals more than 38,000 people die around the world due to the pollutants that diesel engines emit into the air.

At least 38,000 people worldwide die each year because diesel vehicles routinely exceed emissions standards in real-world driving conditions, according to a new report published in the scientific journal Nature.

On average, diesel vehicles produce at least 50% more particulate soot, smog-causing oxides of nitrogen and other pollutants than would appear to be the case based on static emissions tests, the study revealed.

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“The consequences of excess diesel NOx emissions for public health are striking,” wrote Susan Anenberg of Environmental Health Analytics, one of the members of the team that conducted the new research study. (more…)

Despite Retreat by Some Makers, Diesel Not Dead Yet

BMW cleared to sell diesels in U.S. after meeting new, tougher standard.

by on Sep.07, 2016

BMW delayed the launch of its various diesel models in the U.S. due to added testing, which they have passed.

For years, Volkswagen set the stage for the comeback for the diesel engine for the U.S. market and its continued growth worldwide. Now it appears to be the leader in killing it.

The German automaker’s recent scandal has not only cast doubt in the minds of potential buyers of diesels, it has other automakers reconsidering their diesel-center plans. Renault executives recently stated that they expect diesel engines to disappear … in Europe.

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The announcement came after the French automaker examined the costs of meeting tougher emissions standards after the VW scandal. According to Reuters, the determination was revealed during an internal meeting earlier this summer. (more…)

VW Scandal Will Kill Diesel Sales in U.S., China, Supplier Predicts

Continental exec says European diesel sales should remain strong.

by on Jan.04, 2016

There have been three versions of Volkswagen's 2.0-liter diesel sold in the U.S., and their problems may have killed the diesel market here.

The emission-test cheating scandal that has engulfed Volkswagen’s could kill the markets for diesel cars in North America, Japan and China, the chief executive of one of the world’s automotive supplier, Continental AG, told a German newspaper.

“The diesel passenger car could sooner or later disappear from these markets,” Elmar Degenhart predicted in an interview with Boersen-Zeitung published on Thursday.

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He added that diesel had a marketshare of only 1% to 3% in these countries, compared with 53% in Europe where tax breaks have helped fuel the expansion of the demand for passenger cars and vans powered by diesel engines. (more…)

VW Hustling to Meet Demand for Diesel-Powered Passats

Diesel sales in July topped 40% mark for Tennessee-built sedan.

by on Aug.13, 2013

Volkwagen's Chattanooga, Tenn. plant is struggling to keep up with the demand for diesel-equipped Passats.

The rise in popularity of diesel engines – largely due to better mileage than gasoline engines – has put this country’s leading seller of diesels in a bind.

Volkswagen of America (VOA) is scrambling to improve the availability of the engines to satisfy demand for the diesel version of the Passat built at the automaker’s new plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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Nearly 4,000 or roughly 40% of the Passats sold in July were TDI Clean Diesels. (more…)