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Mexico Warns Trump to Cut Tariff Talk or NAFTA Redo is Done

Mexico's economy minister says he'll walk if a tariff is mentioned.

by on Feb.27, 2017

Mexican Pres. Enrique Pena Nieto and members of his government are readying for talks to re-open NAFTA.

President Donald Trump may be hurtling toward “put up or shut up” time as Mexican trade officials say they will end talks to renegotiate NAFTA if Trump follows through on his plan to apply a punitive tariff to vehicles coming from Mexico.

Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo has said the move would be a deal break and in an interview with Bloomberg, her reiterated his intention to end negotiations over the matter.

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“The moment that they say, ‘We’re going to put a 20% tariff on cars,’ I get up from the table,” he told Bloomberg. “Bye-bye.” (more…)