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Automakers Going Tow-to-Tow

Big truck makers agree to uniform test of towing capacity.

by on Jul.11, 2011

Towing capacity is one of the most critical selling points among full-size truck manufacturers.

Some of the industry’s biggest automakers have decided to go tow-to-tow.  Few pieces of data in the car and truck business provoke as many claims and counter-claims as towing capacity, which can be even more important than raw horsepower in some segments.

Indeed, earlier this year, the nation’s two largest automakers went back-and-forth as they repeatedly raised their numbers, Ford ultimately asserting king-of-the-hill status for its big F-350s and F-450s, claiming 17,500 pounds of capacity on some models, 1,000 more than the top-rated Chevrolet — which prompted its Detroit rival to cry foul and many potential customers to ask who is really on top.

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But there should be no debate who really is the tow-master, reports our friend and colleague Mark Phelan, of the Detroit Free Press, thanks to an agreement between the leading full-size truck producers to accept a new Society of Automotive Engineers standard that should set uniform testing procedures.