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Daimler Adopts Detroit Brand

Chrysler’s not the only brand “Made in Detroit.”

by on Nov.01, 2011

Daimler is launching a new line that will also boast of its Detroit heritage.

Apparently Chrysler isn’t the only company thinking the tagline, “Made in Detroit,” has a certain cachet these days.  Its old partner, Daimler AG, also is creating its own Motown brand.

Daimler Trucks North America has rolled out its new Detroit marque, which is based on the existing Detroit Diesel brand.

“Detroit Diesel has long been synonymous with performance, quality, reliability and fuel efficiency. We will be building on this heritage with the Detroit brand,” said Andreas Renschler, the Daimler AG Board of Management member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses.

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“We will combine all the components of truck powertrains in the new Detroit brand. By offering a broad range of its own perfectly coordinated powertrain components, DTNA will be able to fulfill its customers’ requirements even more effectively in the future,” Renschler said.


Unofficial Details Leak out About Next-Gen Ford and GM Pickup Powertrains

Horsepower matters but mileage is the mandate.

by on Jul.29, 2011

Ford's F-150 EcoBoost engine shows there's a lot of room to improve fuel economy without sacrificing performance and payload.

The pickup market, though barely half the size of its one-time peak, is still a viable – and profitable – force in the U.S. automotive market.  So, expect to see Detroit makers, in particular, do everything they can to retain the segment’s viability – though that won’t be easy, especially in light of today’s announcement outlining tough new mileage standards set to reach more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025.

Next-generation full-size pickup trucks from Ford and General Motors will have to balance towing and hauling capability with unprecedented frugality to meet the tough new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.

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That has some folks worrying it may be too much of a challenge to pull off, at least not without sacrificing the functionality American truck buyers expect.  But don’t plan on holding onto your big rig ad infinitum.  As we’ve begun seeing with such innovations as the turbo-powered EcoBoost V6 on the 2011 Ford F-150, there are some promising ways to reach mileage never seen before.