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Ford Outlines Battery Car Plans

Big charge comes in 2012.

by on Oct.20, 2010

Ford will slowly ramp up its battery car efforts, starting with the Focus EV, shown here, and the battery version of the Transit Connect.

Ford Motor Co. plans a serious assault on the electric vehicle market, but the big push won’t come until 2012, the automaker says.

“Some” of the Detroit maker’s first electric vehicles will hit the road in 2011, Sue Cischke, the group vice president overcoming Ford’s sustainability efforts said.  But the maker is taking a “slower entry” than it originally planned.

“We had always said 2011, which we’ll still do, but I think you’ll see more of the concentrated volume in 2012,” said Cischke, during a meeting with reporters in Washington, D.C.

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The maker has indicated it has at least five battery-based vehicles in the pipeline – beyond the basic gas-electric hybrids, such as the Ford Escape Hybrid it now offers.  First to market will be pure battery-electric versions of the Transit Connect van and the new-for-2011 Focus passenger car.