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60-Mile Chinese Traffic Jam Now In 12th Day

And you thought rush hour was bad?

by on Aug.25, 2010

A 60-mile tie-up that has frozen traffic onBeijing's G-110 national highway is now in its 12th day.

And you thought your commute was bad?  Even traveling the notorious I-405 corridor in Los Angeles is a snap compared to what motorists are facing on the G-110, a limited access highway leading into Beijing, where a monstrous, 60-mile traffic jam is now in its 12th day.

According to news reports out of the People’s Republic, it has been taking travelers as much as five days to work their way from one end of the snarl to the other, and at this point there appears to be no end in sight – quite literally.

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While Chinese traffic has grown steadily worse, in recent years, as more and more of the emerging middle class purchases automobiles, no one seems to have a clear explanation for why G-110 has ground to a complete halt.  But the Christian Science Monitor is reporting that the National Highway is overloaded with truck drivers carrying coal for the country’s energy-hungry capital – much of it illegal.