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Toyota Baiting Mirai Buyers with Free Fuel

Japanese maker plans to have car in showrooms in October.

by on Apr.15, 2015

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle will hit showrooms in the U.S. this fall with free fuel to buyers.

Automakers have been providing a variety of incentives to entice buyers for decades, but Toyota’s trying to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to its new Mirai: free fuel.

The Mirai is a small four-door sedan that uses hydrogen fuel cell to generate the electricity that drives the car 300 miles on a full tank – a tank that takes just five minutes to refuel.

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First, everyone likes free fuel, but with potential Mirai buyers it’s almost a must. While hydrogen may be the most abundant gas on Earth, it’s almost non-existent when talking about fueling up a vehicle. California, where most of the Mirais will be sold, has the largest number of public fueling stations with nine, but that number is expected to rise to 20 by the end of the year. (more…)

Ford, Toyota to Invest Combined $3.5 Bil in Mexico

Makers join growing list of makers expanding ops South of the Border.

by on Apr.15, 2015

Toyota confirms it will build the next-generation Corolla model at a new plant in Mexico.

Following announcements of major investments in both Mexico and India, Ford Motor Co. is set to make a $2.5 billion bet closer to home. Meanwhile, Toyota Motor Co. has confirmed recent reports that it will invest $1 billion in a new Central Mexican plant to produce its compact Corolla model.

Toyota and Ford will join a growing list of manufacturers either entering or expanding operations in Mexico which is now one of the world’s largest producers of automobiles. That includes carmakers from Europe, Asia and Detroit, as well.

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While Ford is not officially confirming the announcement — stating it “cannot comment on future product or manufacturing plans” – Toyota North American CEO Jim Lentz said the new Corolla plant is part of a “strategic re-thinking of how and where we build our products will create new opportunities for our company, our business partners and our team members across the region.”


VW, Toyota Go to War

German and Japanese makers set for major production increases.

by on Apr.07, 2015

VW will build a version of its CrossBlue Concept when it completes the Chattanooga plant expansion.

The fight for leadership in the global auto industry is about to turn into a gun-blazing battle.

After announcing a new global strategy last week, reports from Japan indicate Toyota Motor Co., currently the world’s largest maker, is finalizing plans to add at least two new assembly plants. But its close rival, Volkswagen AG, is also adding new plants while boosting capacity at others, including its facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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“It’s going to be a tough battle because you have two competitors with a broad portfolio of products targeting every market in the world,” says Joe Phillippi, chief analyst at AutoTrends Consulting. (more…)

Toyota Turning to Turbos

Maker offers alternative to its hybrid line.

by on Apr.06, 2015

Toyota is doubling its turbo engine line-up. The 8NR-FTS powertrain is the latest addition.

Perhaps best known for its dependence on hybrid powertrains, Toyota Motor Co. is also planning a big push into turbo power, the maker announced today.

The announcement echoes moves by a wide variety of other manufacturers – with industry observers anticipating a majority of the world’s gas- and diesel-powered vehicles will use turbocharging to deliver more power and improved mileage within the next decade.

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“Despite the success of hybrids, Toyota is aware that vehicles with conventional powertrains still represent the majority of vehicles sold,” said the maker in a statement out of Japan. “By constantly increasing environmental performance across its entire vehicle lineup, Toyota aims to offer a portfolio of environment-friendly vehicles that meet the diverse needs of consumers.”


Toyota Eyes New Wave of Expansion

by on Apr.06, 2015

Toyota is expected to build the next-generation Corolla model at a new plant in Mexico.

With auto sales expected to increase in key market around the world, Toyota is apparently looking to expand its capacity by building new assembly plants in China and Mexico.

Press reports from Tokyo said that the Japanese auto giant anticipates investing $1.3 billion to build the new plants – a move that would reverse a ban on new factories imposed by Chairman Akio Toyoda when he took over as the company’s top executive.

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Just last week, senior Toyota officials announced the first part of their new growth plan, dubbed Toyota New Global Architecture, or TNGA. The use of the word was fitting, analysts noted, because a key step will be the introduction of new vehicle architectures, or platforms for at least half of its vehicles by 2020.


Toyota Debuts New RAV4 Hybrid

Adds package of low-price safety features.

by on Apr.02, 2015

The 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid will post class-leading mileage numbers, officials said during its New York Auto Show debut.

Toyota has rolled out the latest in a growing family of hybrid vehicles during the New York International Auto Show next week, the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid.

The Japanese maker’s eighth gas-electric model adopts relatively subtle tweaks to differentiate itself from other versions of the RAV4 crossover-utility vehicle, including modest revisions to the front end. But it opts for the most radical revision yet of the familiar Toyota Synergy Drive powertrain.

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The introduction might not be seen as the best timing for a new hybrid.  With a few rare exceptions, the market for battery-based vehicles has taken a sharp tumble over the last year – even the Prius losing momentum in 2014 – as a result of lower gas prices. But Toyota remains optimistic there will be solid demand for what Bill Fay, head of the Toyota division, calls a “no compromise SUV.” (more…)

Scion Uses Alphabet Game to Punch up New Models

Two new entries signal commitment to brand.

by on Apr.01, 2015

The new Scion iA is designed to give entry-level drivers a sporty and stylish alternative.

Toyota’s youth-oriented sub-brand, Scion continued its renaissance at the New York Auto Show with the introduction of its latest alphabet cars: the iA and iM.

After suggesting the “i” in both vehicles stood for individual and intriguing, Scion began differentiating the pair by suggesting the “A” in iA could mean “aggressive” styling, “accommodating” cabin and trunk, and “affordable.”

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Well, it better mean “aaa” as the brand needs add punch to its line-up to bolster sales. The new iA is affordable as entry-level sports cars go starting in the $16,000 range. (more…)

Toyota and Lexus to Introduce Low-Cost Auto-Braking System

Wider availability, lower price expected to spur demand.

by on Mar.30, 2015

Toyota Safety Sense is designed to support the driver’s awareness, decision making and vehicle operation over a wide range of speeds.

Toyota has two big SUV debuts planned for this week’s New York International Auto Show – but some folks may be more focused on the Japanese maker’s big safety news.

When the next-generation Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Lexus RX models come to market later this year, they will offer new, low-cost automated braking packages that, the maker hopes, will bring this technology within reach of a mass audience.

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“Pushing these systems across our lineup, as quickly as possible, can help protect people in the event of a crash,” said Jim Lentz, president and CEO, Toyota Motor North America. “More importantly it will help prevent some crashes from ever happening in the first place.” (more…)

Toyota Reveals “Architecture” for Global Expansion

Maker plans to build stronger, safer, more efficient vehicles.

by on Mar.26, 2015

Toyota EVP Mitsuhisa Kato outlined the automaker's New Global Architecture to build better vehicles.

After briefly putting growth on hold, Toyota Motor Co. has unveiled the “architecture” of its global growth strategy, a plan that relies on new products, new technologies, and improved quality and reliability.

The strategy, dubbed Toyota New Global Architecture, or TNGA, the announcement marks the end of the “intentional pause” Toyota President Akio Toyoda had ordered as the maker took stock following a series of quality and safety problems several years ago.

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The goal is to allow Toyota to grow in a “sustainable way,” said Executive Vice President Mitsuhisa Kato during a presentation at the maker’s headquarters in Toyota City, 200 miles southwest of Tokyo. That and other challenges are “making our effort to come out with ever better cars increasingly difficult.” (more…)

Scion Teases Two Debuts Coming to New York Auto Show

Toyota’s youth-oriented brand gets all-new models.

by on Mar.18, 2015

The Scion iA sedan is designed to appeal to young people who need a little more practicality, but still want engaging styling and outstanding driving dynamics.

Long-stumbling Scion is looking to recapture its lost magic with younger buyers with the introduction of two new models at the New York International Auto Show: the iM and iA.

The brand released a couple of teaser photos of the two vehicles today to hype the new models.

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The Scion iM is a five-door hatchback, which was shown as a concept last November at the L.A. Auto Show, while the iA is a four-door sedan that is “designed to appeal to young people who need a little more practicality, but still want engaging styling and outstanding driving dynamics.” (more…)