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Toyota Hiring 100s of Engineers, Designers

Will focus on Detroit area, but also opening new Silicon Valley tech center.

by on Apr.05, 2012

Engineered in Detroit - the 2013 Toyota Avalon.

Toyota plans to hire about 250 engineers to help it continue a shift from global to localized product development. The bulk of those new employees will be based out of the maker’s new R&D center in suburban Detroit, but it will also open a new high-tech facility in Silicon Valley.

The move reflects the significant shift in Toyota’s whole management structure.  It has traditionally operated as a global monolith but is giving increasing autonomy to major regional operations, especially those in the U.S., the maker’s largest market.

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The shift is underscored by the launch, this week, of the 2013 Toyota Avalon at the New York Auto Show.  The flagship sedan was developed entirely in the States, largely in the Motor City, with additional styling at CALTY, the advanced Toyota design center in Southern California.


Japanese Makers Hiring Thousands to Make up for Lost Production

Toyota, Honda alone will add up to 5,000 temporary jobs.

by on Jun.22, 2011

Toyota is struggling to make up production of the Prius lost due to Japan's March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

With operations at most of Japan’s automotive supplier and assembly plants starting to return to normal, manufacturers are putting out the Help Wanted signs as they race to make up for lost production.

Toyota and Honda alone expect to add up to 5,000 temporary workers in a bid to boost their output during the second half.  Other makers, including Nissan, plan to hire new workers, as well.


Toyota now hopes that it can add an extra 350,000 vehicles to its assembly schedule during the second half of the fiscal year ending next March, said Senior Managing Director Takahiko Ijichi, which would reduce its overall production losses to about 450,000 cars, trucks and crossovers.


Is Toyota Heading East?

Carmaker may move jobs to Michigan or Kentucky.

by on Nov.24, 2009

Toyota may move key headquarters functions, including product development, out of California.  They could land in either Michigan or Kentucky.

Toyota may move key headquarters functions, including product development, out of California. They could land in Michigan or Kentucky.

Is Toyota ready to walk out on California?

Rumors have been swirling for some time that the giant maker, now facing increased pressures to curb costs, may be ready to move at least some of its U.S. headquarter operations out of the Golden State.  Some jobs may be heading to either Michigan or Kentucky.

Those two states would make sense for a move.  Kentucky is ground zero for Toyota’s core “transplant” assembly operations, while Michigan – though home to its Big Three rivals – has become a critical technical center for the Japanese maker.  Toyota recently opened a major engineering facility in the fringe western suburbs of Detroit that included a new test track.

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If a move does take place, it wouldn’t be the first.  Nissan moved its entire U.S. headquarters operations out of California, several years ago, and last year opened up a permanent new facility outside Nashville, Tennessee.

The financial impact of such a move could be significant, especially for budget-constrained California.  Though the state has been seeing a continuing influx of migrants, it has been struggling to hang onto jobs.  That’s particularly true in the automotive sector.  Not only did Nissan move, but Toyota recently announced that it would close the NUMMI assembly plant, near San Francisco, that it had been operating as part of a joint venture with General Motors for nearly a quarter century.  GM pulled out of the partnership in the wake of its bankruptcy.