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Toyota’s New Robot Signals New Growth Area for Maker

Japanese maker investing heavily in Human Service Robots

by on Dec.04, 2015

Toyota's Human Service Robot is currently being tested and used in medical settings to help tend to the needs of patients.

Automakers have been using robots to help produce cars and trucks for decades, but now Toyota appears poised to turn the tables and begin producing robots with hopes of being a dominant player in that segment too.

The Japanese maker now has developed what it calls a “partner robot” designed to help human with simple, mundane tasks that ideally allows people to be more efficient or to improve their quality of life. The company feels strongly enough about the prospects that its created a division dedicated to the development.

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“We are preparing for a future in which people may not be able to drive cars, or they may need artificial intelligence to support them to drive, and once they get off their cars they may need help from partner robots,” Akifumi Tamaoki, general manager of Toyota’s partner robot division, told the Associated Press. (more…)

Toyota Readies Robot to Help Healthcare Workers

Honda continues development of ASIMO.

by on Jul.31, 2015

Toyota will begin using its Human Service Robot in trials with healthcare workers to see if they are viable.

And now we all know where the real-life version of the movie iRobot begins … with the introduction of Toyota’s Human Service Robot or HSR.

In the aforementioned film, humans become reliant upon robots to handle life’s mundane responsibilities. The end result is that the robots view humans as a problem begin to implement a plan to rid the planet of them. That’s when Will Smith comes in, sans DJ Jazzy Jeff, and saves the world.

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Toyota’s HSR isn’t anywhere near that level of ability or pervasiveness, with its highly maneuverable, compact, and lightweight cylindrical body and folding arm, the HSR can pick objects up off the floor, retrieve objects from shelves, and perform a variety of other tasks. (more…)