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Toyota Lands Lead in 2012 Motorist Choice Awards

Balancing high customer satisfaction, low ownership costs.

by on Oct.04, 2012

The Toyota Prius V - shown with CEO Akio Toyoda - took one of nine awards for the Japanese maker.

Quality, as most automakers are quick to admit, has become the price of entry in today’s new car business.  And the latest studies suggest that the gap between brands is smaller than ever.  So, what are the factors that really differentiate one brand from another these days?

That’s what the Motorist Choice Awards intend to define.  Created by California-based research firms IntelliChoice and AutoPacific Inc., the balloting is meant to balance high customer satisfaction and low cost of ownership.

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And by those measures, Toyota came out on top for 2012, taken nine of 30 possible awards with its various mainstream and luxury brands, with products including the Scion xD, Toyota Prius V and Lexus CT Hybrid.  European makers such as Mini and Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, scored well in both “Popular” and “Premium” categories.


Toyota Dealers Upgrading during Sales Slump

Will new, expensive buildings lead to higher satisfaction?

by on Oct.29, 2009

About one-third of Toyota's 1200 dealers have upgraded facilities.

About one-third of Toyota's 1200 dealers have upgraded facilities.

As other automakers reel under the pressure under the pressure of the recession, Toyota’s U.S. dealers are sinking more money into their showrooms and service bays.

As many buyers know since they provide the input, Toyota’s customer satisfaction ratings have never measured up to the company’s ratings for quality, reliability and durability. Critics and industry observers have suggested for a long time that the company’s customer handling skills need improvement.