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Cute Sometimes Sells, Often Amuses

Toddler cars from Mini are the latest brand extension.

by on Apr.24, 2009


A short mini-drive might relieve the stress of tots.

Starting this summer, BMW’s specialty car brand will aim way down market with two mini-Minis for tots or toddlers.

This blatant commercial from Mini is getting past our normally flinty eyed editor because we wanted to run the pictures, as well as mini protest over the ongoing lack of whimsy in our automotive world dominated by old men and dreary sales reports.

The red toy cars, not surprisingly, take their design cues from the Mini Cooper, and are available at authorized Mini dealers in the U.S. or

A mini-Mini pedal car solves the headroom problem created by thick diapers by coming as a convertible. Its single seat is adjustable. Toddlers from 3-5 years old can use their two pound-feet of tiny torque (SAE J-kids standard), and no doubt will enjoy bouncing off the family’s expensive furniture while navigating inside the house. All this fun for a mere $195 Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, plus taxes, license fees and whatever other charges apply.

That’s where the $30 mini street signs might come in handy, in laying out a less destructive route. And some of the older drivers of real gasoline powered Minis could use the signs to learn what real street signs mean, based on our observations of their street maneuverings.

Mini-mini-tots, less than three years old, can drool atop the baby racer, complete with a beeping horn, after someone, somewhat older, plops down $85.