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Honda Previews New Hydrogen Car, Civic Type-R, Other Debuts Coming to Tokyo

Assortment of intros ranges from practical to decidedly wacky.

by on Sep.30, 2015

The new, turbo-powered Honda Type R coming to Tokyo will be the most powerful Civic ever.

Few automotive events cover more ground than the biennial Tokyo Motor Show, which has a history of introducing products ranging from the practical to the downright wacky. And if the Honda exhibit is any indication, the November gathering will live up to expectations.

Offering a few hints of what it has in store for Tokyo Motor Show-goers next month, Honda plans to pull the wraps off the next-generation Odyssey minivan, as well as a new version of its only recently launched hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The exhibit will include sports and track models like the new Acura NSX and quirky 2&4 Concept, and will look at alternative mobility solutions with the Wander Stand and Wander Walker Concepts.

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The Tokyo show has, over the years, seen some pretty odd and exotic concepts designed to excite visitors – appropriately, in Japanese, translated into “waku waku.” That’s included past Honda models such as one that looked almost like a telephone booth on wheels.


Tokyo Motor Show Likely to be as Wacky as Ever

From rolling phone booths to, well, something strange on wheels.

by on Nov.01, 2013

The Daihatsu FC Deck is due for a formal introduction at the Tokyo Motor Show this month.

Unlike most major auto shows, organizers in Tokyo stage their big automotive extravaganza just once every other year, a seemingly odd schedule considering the importance of both the Japanese market and its home auto industry. But, then again, it just may take two years for manufacturers to dream up some of the wild, weird and wacky concept vehicles that have long been a hallmark of the Tokyo Motor Show.

With the show still several weeks away we’re just beginning to get a first look at some of what’s in store for the 2013 Japanese event. But the images provided by minicar maker Daihatsu suggest that this year’s Tokyo Motor Show won’t be letting us down.

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In fact, Daihatsu may be taking things to extremes, coming up with the sort of name singer Prince could have appreciated when he was known by an unpronounceable symbol.  It’s hydrogen-powered concept has been dubbed the FC凸DECK.  And we can only wonder how we’re supposed to pronounce that middle icon.  (Some interpretations probably aren’t appropriate for a G-rated publication.)


Suzuki Keeps Tradition Alive with the Wacky Q-Concept and Retro-Futuristic Regina.

Small cars for a big future?

by on Nov.30, 2011

The Suzuki Q-Concept.

The 2011 downsized Tokyo Motor Show may not have the grandeur of years past but thanks to Suzuki tradition remains alive.

The biennial event has long been known for bringing us some of the wildest-weirdest and wackiest concept vehicles – and that’s about the best way you can describe the three concepts brought to the show by Suzuki as part of its corporate theme, “Small cars for a big future.”

That notably includes the Q-Concept, which company officials described as “ideal for everyday journeys within a radius of about six miles,” during the makers Tokyo Motor Show news conference.

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Its bright orange body would likely look more appropriate in a Japanese manga comic strip than on the streets of modern-day Tokyo, the split two-piece doors opening up like a children’s toy to give it a distinctive, Q-like shape.  The interior, meanwhile, can be outfitted with a single, rotating front seat and used for, say, pizza – or sushi? – deliveries, or two child-sized seats can be added in the rear.