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Giant Tire Mound Visible from Outer Space

250,000 tires now cover 50 acres.

by on Nov.21, 2011

A closer look at a giant tire mound in South Carolina now visible from space. Credit: AP

Forget the pyramids and the Great Wall, the first thing alien visitors might see as they approach the Earth, these days, is the Giant Mound of Tires – a 50-acre site in the back woods of South Carolina estimated to contain 250,000 used tires.

Authorities have charged one person in connection with the recently-discovered dump, according to the Associated Press, which quotes Calhoun County Council Chairman David Summers as suggesting, “You can see it from space.”

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How the tires got there appears to be a big question mark.  The mess is located on some property hidden away near Columbia, South Carolina and accessible only by a winding dirt road that few even knew about.