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Saab USA Studying Ways to Rescue Warranties

China’s Pang Da abandons plan to buy bankrupt Swedish brand.

by on Dec.21, 2011

Saab USA hopes to resume warranty coverage.

Saab officials are looking for a way to resume warranty coverage for customers who purchased the maker’s 2010 and ’11 products.

The maker announced yesterday it would be forced to suspend coverage for those who bought a Saab after the company was purchased from General Motors in early 2010. The Swedish maker declared bankruptcy on Monday after months of efforts to find a buyer who could save the cash-short company.

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Separately, the Chinese dealer group Pang Da announced on Wednesday that it had abandoned its efforts to purchase Saab.  Pang Da and the Chinese automaker Zhejiang Youngman Lotus had both proposed a rescue plan – but the proposed deal was vetoed by Saab’s former parent, GM refusing to allow its intellectual property to be transferred to the Chinese.

“We’re committed to develop a way to handle warranties for all owners of 2010 and 2011 Saab models,” Tim Colbeck, CEO of Saab Cars USA, told today.  The goal is to “reinstate (warranty coverage) as quickly as we can.”


Saab Wrangles a Reprieve

Swedish courts give it a chance to complete Chinese deal.

by on Dec.16, 2011

Saab's North American chief Tim Colbeck tells suppliers the maker has won at least a temporary reprieve.

It’s proving a lot more risky than most folks might have anticipated to bet against the struggling Swedish automaker Saab.  Just ask administrator Guy Lofalk.

Barely a week ago, he had recommended that the courts end Saab’s voluntary reorganization, which would have meant the collapse of the company, which has been struggling to find investors – or a buyer – since last spring.  Instead, Lofalk has been fired and replaced with what appears to be a more willing administrator while Saab itself will have some more time to pull together a deal, according to an e-mail sent by Saab Cars North America President Tim Colbeck to suppliers.

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“There was positive progress in the negotiation” with Chinese carmaker Zhejiang Youngman Lotus, the executive reported, adding that Victor Muller, Saab’s global chairman, “remained optimistic an agreement would be reached in the short term.”


Saab Snatches Subaru’s Colbeck as New U.S. CEO

Sign that things are getting back to normal?

by on May.09, 2011

New Saab Cars North America CEO Tim Colbeck.

Saab Cars North America has wooed Tim Colbeck away from his job as the top sales executive at Subaru’s as Saab’s top executive in North America.

Colbeck will report directly to Saab Automobile AB vice president and head of global sales & aftersales, Matthias Seidl and the Saab Cars North America Board of Directors.  Seidl had been serving as interim chief executive since January, when the Swedish maker ousted former Saab North American boss Mike Colleran.

Colbeck joins SCNA with 25 years of automobile industry experience in the United States with Subaru of America.   But his hiring could bring more than just an experienced hand to Saab.  The Swedish company has been struggling to get its house in order since it was acquired by the Dutch Spyker Cars, in early 2010.  But financial problems forced a month-long closure of Saab’s headquarters’ assembly plant, a crisis only resolved by its tie-up, earlier this month, with Chinese automaker Hawtai. (Chinese deal saves cash-starved Saab. Click Here for that story.)

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Colbeck has an enviable track record as Subaru’s senior vice president sales.   Under his direction, the Japanese maker achieved record sales and market share in the last two years and was the only brand to achieve sales increases in each of the last three years.

“Tim’s impressive accomplishments during his automotive career in rebuilding the Subaru brand are invaluable to the Saab team and represent his ability to further Saab’s vision for success,” Seidl said.