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DeltaWing Unveils New GT Concept

Prototype takes unusual design “one step closer” to street-legal.

by on Oct.02, 2015

The DeltaWing GT's extreme design would help it achieve a wind-cheating 0.26 drag coefficient.

The radical, dart-shaped DeltaWing race car has come “one step closer” to going street legal, the Georgia-based DeltaWing Technology Group says, with the unveiling of its DeltaWing GT Concept.

The highly aerodynamic design, based on the company’s Le Mans race car, would serve as the basis for a road-going, two-seat GT car. And DeltaWing hopes to follow it with a four-door sedan version, as well, it previously indicated.

Pushing Boundaries!

“Real-world testing” is set to begin before the end of this year, DeltaWing announced in a statement, though its didn’t lay out production plans. The wind-cheating design and lightweight, spaceframe chassis would allow the GT to deliver sports car performance while still getting up to 74 miles per gallon, DeltaWing has estimated.


Miata to Get Facelift While Waiting for All-New Replacement

Images of updated roadster leak out.

by on Jul.03, 2012

A first look at what is apparently going to be the updated 2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Images courtesy of MX5OC.

Mazda plans to keep the little Miata around for a while – apparently hanging onto the current model until it can come up with a replacement it plans to develop as part of a new joint venture with Fiat.

But that doesn’t mean the existing model will keep plugging along unchanged.  Quite the contrary.  Leaked images that made it our way through a series of links – from website MX5OC to CarScoop to AutoBlog – reveal some significant updates for the 2013 model-year.

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The new look features a more sculpted front fascia and grille – in keeping with the design cues that Mazda recently introduced on models such as the updated Mazda3 and all-new MX5.  That includes a 5-point grille framed by more aggressive fog lamp surrounds.

The new look seems to pick up on elements first seen with the Mazda Spyder Concept and also influenced the MX-5-based concept that ran up Goodwood Hill, last weekend, during the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed.


VW Net Down Sharply but German Maker Targets Big Increase in 2012 Sales

Cost controls called critical as European market tumbles.

by on Mar.12, 2012

VW is betting it can beat last year's sales record with new products like the Audi A3.

Despite a sharp drop in its fourth-quarter earnings and the worsening situation in its European home market, Volkswagen AG today predicted it will see a substantial rise in sales and revenues for 2012 as it brings an array of new products to market.

But cost management will be critical because the maker admitted it is facing “increasingly stiff competition in a challenging market environment, especially in certain European countries.”

Buried amidst the maker’s overall financial data was word that VW would nearly double the pay for its various board members, to $93 million.

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The German giant – which surged to second in global automotive unit sales last year, behind General Motors and ahead of Toyota – revealed that net earnings for the October – December quarter fell by nearly a third, to 2.16 billion Euros, or $2.8 billion, down from 3.2 million Euros the year before.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Relief, review, remuneration,report, results, reminders, Rolls,

by on Dec.11, 2009

Eight days and out!

Not too long ago the line workers in automobile factories used the phrase, “30 and Out!” meaning after thirty years one could retire with full pension and benefits. GM’s new executive paradigm beats the old by 29 years and 358 days without pension or benefits.

Mike Richards departed the once venerated company’s Buick division after just 8 days on the job. Eight days! Probably hadn’t found the way to his office in the Ren Cen or the men’s room in that short a time.



Another familiar name with strong GM ties that will be absent is Tony Hopp, CEO of Campbell-Ewald Company, Chevrolet’s looooooong time advertising agency and keeper of the diminishing brand flame. Hopp is being replaced by Bill Ludwig who moves from CCO – chief creative officer – to CEO. Talk about timing.

With so many empty and important organization chart rectangles to be filled – starting with the CEO title – and the recruiting of advertising agencies to try to resuscitate comatose brand marketing, head hunters and agency search firms must be salivating with joy.

Jeep’s new print ads, a short review

A conceptual ad that is beyond the comprehension of the reviewer.

A conceptual ad that is beyond the comprehension of the reviewer.

The copy payoff line states, “I live. I ride. I am. JEEP”

My Review: Huh?

Chief Creative Officers at big agencies make BIG bucks.

According to a 117-page survey conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the trade group for ad agencies, CCO’s at large U.S. agencies billed $964 per hour to clients last year while senior account and media execs averaged $533 and $478 per hour.