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What Do European Electric Vehicle Buyers Want?

Frost & Sullivan will discuss its latest research next month.

by on Sep.23, 2009

There are more EVs undway than we can count. More than actual buyers?

There are more EVs under development than we can count -- more than actual buyers?

As viewers of are aware, impending European carbon dioxide regulations are prompting virtually all automakers to develop electric vehicles, if only to get taxpayer subsidies or earn credits so that larger, less efficient vehicles can remain in production.

It is actually a global trend since other countries are in the process of adopting similar standards.

Just how the automotive industry will change given the new electric vehicle technologies, unheard of business models, and the emergence of unknown, untested entrants remains to be seen.

One hotly debated issue – optimistic industry forecasts versus actual customer demand with or without huge incentives – could result in a huge taxpayer-funded boondoggle if expensive, range limited EVs are spurned by potential buyers.

We're Wired!

We're Wired!

“The Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009 showed real evidence that the automotive industry has made firm commitments towards EVs, however consumers see major barriers to adoption with factors such as infrastructure and range. By understanding the voice of the consumer, the automotive industry can ensure that they are in prime position to take full advantage of this exciting new market,” says Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager Catherine Butterworth.