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Tesla Master Plan Calls for Pickups, More SUVs – and More Non-Auto Ventures

“Part Deux” offers few details on broad strategy.

by on Jul.21, 2016

Tesla CEO Musk outlines a broad new strategy that goes far beyond just offering green cars.

Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk is nothing if not ambitious, based on the expansive new “Master Plan, Part Deux” the executive released late Wednesday, a week later than originally planned.

The blog posting from Musk calls for the California company to flesh out its line-up with an assortment of new battery-electric vehicles, including a “new kind of pickup truck,” as well as an SUV smaller than the current Model X. But it also appears to envision Tesla as a supplier of a broad range of green technology solutions, a move that is based on its planned acquisition of solar panel company SolarCity.

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The theme of the Master Plan is “sustainability,” said Musk, in an almost apocalyptic blog post warning of dire consequences if the world doesn’t get off its oil fix.


Better Late Than Never: Tesla Finally Reveals Model X

7-seat SUV includes new “bio-weapon defense mode.”

by on Sep.30, 2015

The new Tesla Model X spreads its wings -- or, more precisely, its unique falcon doors.

After struggling to pull a “challenging” project together, Tesla Motors finally pulled the wraps off its new Model X sport-utility vehicle at a standing-room-only event in Silicon Valley.

It becomes just the third product line Tesla has ever offered, and the second in its current portfolio, a much-needed counterpoint to the Model S sedan in a market that has widely embraced utility vehicles. If all goes according to plan, the new Model X should help Tesla nearly double its sales next year and set the stage for the even more mainstream Model III due out in 2018.

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As the California carmaker has attempted to do with the Model S, the new SUV delivers far more range than what other battery-cars can muster. And it’s loaded up with an assortment of surprise-and-delight features – from high-performance “Ludicrous Mode” to an advanced air filtration system CEO Elon Musk jokingly dubbed its “bio weapon defense mode.”


Tesla Ready to Launch Model X, Autonomous Driving Tech to Follow

Meanwhile, CEO Elon Musk takes aim at Mars.

by on Jun.10, 2015

Tesla's Elon Musk said the long-awaited Model X will hit showrooms in the last quarter of this year.

After a two-year delay, Tesla finally plans to bring its much-anticipated second product line, the Model X battery-electric SUV, to market within the next three to four months.

The California-based manufacturer also expects to start offering its new auto-pilot, a semi-autonomous driving system, in the coming months, said CEO Elon Musk during Tesla’s annual shareholder’s meeting. Musk also suggested he is looking forward to a time when rocket launches to Mars become relatively routine, possibly by the SpaceX private rocket company he also controls.

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The Model X is expected to greatly expand the potential audience for Tesla’s products considering the strong demand for utility vehicles. Like the Model S sedan, it will feature a fully electric drivetrain that is expected to be offered with a variety of different battery-pack sizes and performance levels. (more…)

Tesla “Ready to Feast” with New Model X SUV

Report anticipates major sales growth, possible dominance in luxury ute segment.

by on Aug.14, 2014

Tesla's Model X, the company's next gen vehicle, will push the company's stock price past $265 a share, according to Morgan Stanley.

Tesla Motors is just beginning production of the much-delayed Model X, its second major product line, and should have the first of the battery-electric SUVs in showrooms by early next year, and barring some unforeseen problems, it could quickly overshadow the maker’s current offering, the Model S sedan, according to a new report.

The Model X is “ready to feast” on a market looking for an alternative to conventional, high-line luxury SUVs and CUVs, forecasts financial firm Morgan Stanley, which also anticipates the demand for the new battery-car will drive Tesla’s stock to a new high, well above the maker’s previous peak of $265.64 a share.

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The word, “bullish,” doesn’t come close to describing the mood at Morgan Stanley, which, despite not yet driving the new battery-ute, is predicting the Model X will “sweep every Car of the Year award on offer by the automotive media.” The Model S took several key awards, including the coveted Motor Trend Car of the Year trophy, though limited availability kept it from a podium finish in other automotive battles, such as the North American Car of the Year. (more…)