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Tesla Workers Suffer Injuries “On Regular Basis,” Reveals New Report

Rate of injuries declining, company says.

by on May.25, 2017

The Tesla plant in Fremont originally was built by GM and later run as a GM-Toyota joint venture.

Workers at the Tesla assembly plant in Fremont, California suffered injuries at a 31% higher rate than the auto industry average, according to a new study by the non-profit group Worksafe, and more serious injuries occurred almost twice as often.

The study could complicate Tesla’s challenges at its only plant – which is getting ready to start production of the critical new Model 3 battery-electric vehicle at the same time there is a push by some workers to create a local union.

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For its part, Tesla confirmed it has had problems, though it insists the issue is rapidly being addressed. “We may have had some challenges in the past as we were learning how to become a car company, but what matters is the future and with the changes we’ve made. We now have the lowest injury rate in the industry by far.”


UAW Eyes Tesla for Organization Movement

Union leader Williams reiterates desire to help Mexican workers.

by on May.20, 2016

UAW President Dennis Williams said the union intends to organize workers at Tesla's plant in California.

The United Auto Workers will attempt to organize workers at Tesla, UAW President Dennis Williams told reporters during a recent roundtable discussion at union headquarters in Detroit.

“We have contacts there. We know that plant very well. It’s the old NUMMI plant. We’re very interested in Tesla,” Williams said.

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The Tesla factory is in Fremont, California, just outside San Francisco. The electric car company builds its Model S and new Model X there and it once belonged to the New United Motors Manufacturing Inc., a General Motors and Toyota joint venture that employed 5,000 UAW members. The NUMMI plant closed in 2010 and Tesla now has about 1,000 employees at the site. (more…)

Tesla Puts Stop to Production Line for Upgrades

EV maker invests $100 million to tool up for new model.

by on Jul.21, 2014

Tesla shut down its assembly line today to begin $100 million in tooling and other upgrades to improve plant efficiency and get it ready for the Model X.

The sounds of robots and humans making new Teslas at the company’s plant in Fremont, California, has been silenced, and been replaced by the sounds of humans installing in $100 million in tooling and making other upgrades at the facility.

The EV maker has shut its line down to improve the efficiency of the current set up for the Model S as well as readying it to manufacture the all-new Model X crossover. The line will be back up at full production on Aug. 4, according to reports.

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The improvements are expected to raise production levels by 25%. The company reports it will make 35,000 cars in 2014, which is up from just over 20,000 last year. The new Model X, a smaller, less-expensive vehicle than the Model S, hits showrooms sometime next year. The two models will be built on the same line. (more…)

Three Tesla Workers Hospitalized after Factory Accident

Maker said equipment failure led to mishap.

by on Nov.14, 2013

Three workers were injured yesterday at Tesla's plant in Freemont, Calif.

Tesla’s run of bad news continued yesterday when three workers were hospitalized after being injured by hot metal at the company’s Freemont, Calif., plant.

“There was a failure in a low pressure aluminum casting press. Three employees were injured by hot metal from that press. We are making sure that they receive the best possible care,” the company said in a statement.

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The Freemont fire department said there was no fire and that it was treating the incident as an industrial accident. The workers were taken to a hospital, but their condition at this time is unknown. (more…)

Tesla Sets Price, Production Plans for Model S

Battery sedan will start at $57,400 - before federal tax credits - when launched in mid-2012.

by on Mar.07, 2011

The Tesla Model S will go on sale in mid-2012 at a base price of $57,400 minus the federal $7,500 tax credit.

The first Tesla Model S sedan will roll off the maker’s new assembly line in mid-2012 and carry a base price of $57,400, which would drop to $49,900 after federal tax incentives of $7,500.

Tesla will offer a wide-range of options – including a choice of three battery packs capable of delivering up to 300 miles per charge, according to the Silicon Valley start-ups Vice President of Sales George Blankenship.

“It is clear that our customers would like to keep up with progress as we work towards first deliveries in 2012,” the executive writes in a new blog post that follows a meeting with 50 current Tesla Roadster owners at the company’s newest dealership, in Milan, Italy.

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The first so-called “Alpha” engineering prototypes began road testing in December, noted Blankenship.  Preparations are now underway for “Beta” models, which are described as “production-intent,” or essentially identical to what Tesla will produce when manufacturing gets underway in mid-2012 at the factory the company acquired last year.