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Tesla Firings Spark Protests at Company’s Fremont Plant

Recent firings could impact company's tax breaks in California.

by on Oct.26, 2017

Tesla's firing of hundreds of employees has instigated several employee protests and may have jeopardized tax breaks.

In its search for cash, Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. has been able to count on the State of California and local communities for support in the form of tax breaks and other types of financial incentives that routinely accompany economic development around the United States.

But the dismissal of hundreds of Tesla employees both in Silicon Valley and in Fremont, California, on the east side of San Francisco Bay, may have put those benefits in jeopardy.

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While the company will not release a number on how many were terminated, estimates range from 700 to more than 1,000. The employees, according Tesla, were dismissed for “performance,” as opposed to laying people off, allows the company to sidestep complying with state law.  (more…)