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Tesla Cuts Price on Model X and Drops Buyback Guarantee

Moves follows cut in Model S price, shortfall in Q2 production and sales.

by on Jul.14, 2016

The Model X 60D cuts range to just over 200 miles but is $9.000 less than the 75D.

Struggling to build sales momentum, Tesla says it will launch a new, lower-priced version of its Model X crossover-utility vehicle. The automaker took a similar step to deliver a more affordable version of its Model S sedan last month.

The move follows news that Tesla had missed both its production and sales targets for the second quarter of 2016 – and as the automaker faces three separate investigations related to potential problems with its semi-autonomous Autopilot system.

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But while potential buyers will now be able to purchase a Tesla Model X 60D for $74,000, or $9,000 less than the old base battery-electric SUV, Tesla is doing away with the guaranteed buyback program that covered the Model S sedan, assuring owners they would get at least 50% of the purchase price back after three years.


SEC Launches Probe; Tesla Blamed for 3rd Autopilot Crash

Troubles mounting for California battery-carmaker.

by on Jul.12, 2016

Joshua Brown, 40, said his Tesla Autopilot system had prevented an earlier crash before his death in Florida on May 7.

Things are heating up for Tesla Motors, the battery-carmaker finding itself blamed for a third crash using its Autopilot system, even as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly begins an investigation into Tesla’s delayed public disclosure of the first crash.

That May 7 accident led to the death of a 40-year-old former Navy Seal but while Tesla did disclose the situation to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration nine days later, the company took nearly two months to make a public announcement. It waited until after a $2 billion stock offering, CEO Elon Musk later tweeting that the crash was “not material to the value of Tesla.”

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Whether that’s accurate could be up to the SEC to decide. Meanwhile, some other critics are calling for an investigation of Tesla’s plan to purchase SolarCity, a deal that has raised flags for some because of CEO Musk’s personal ties to the solar panel maker.


Musk Promises New “Top Secret Tesla Masterplan”

New vehicle lines could be in the works.

by on Jul.11, 2016

Tesla CEO Elon Musk could take the company in a variety of new directions, if past is prelude.

Facing a series of challenges that could determine the long-term success of the California battery-car manufacturers, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has dropped a big hint about the company’s future.

The South African-born entrepreneur issued a tweet on Sunday revealing that he is “Working on Top Secret Tesla Masterplan, Part 2. Hoping to publish later this week.” Fond of social media, Musk has frequently used Twitter, the Tesla blog and other outlets to announce company strategy.

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The timing could be significant for Tesla. The carmaker is facing a series of challenges and concerns right now, including the controversial takeover of SolarCity Corp., and a pair of crashes that may be linked to the semi-autonomous Autopilot system used on the Tesla Models S and X battery-electric vehicles.


Tesla Model S Gets Best NHTSA Safety Rating Ever

More than just mileage for battery sedan.

by on Aug.20, 2013

Tesla's Model S achieved a five-star crash test rating from NHTSA.

At a time when other manufacturers have been struggling to gain traction in a slow-growing battery car market, California start-up Tesla Motors has been exceeding even its own optimistic expectations with the big Model S sedan.

Offering a nearly 300-mile range with its optional 85 kilowatt-hour battery – three times more than most electric models – is one factor that appears to be boosting sales. But now, Tesla hopes there’ll be another reason for buyers to plug into the Model S, the maker crowing that it has just received the best federal crash test results of any vehicle ever.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Tesla Model S received an overall five-star rating, as well as five stars in every individual test category. That’s something that only 1% of the vehicles NHTSA has tested have so far received. But the battery sedan also set a new record for the lowest likelihood for passenger injury ever achieved in the government tests. (more…)