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Tesla Set to Launch Sales, Production of Model 3

Critical test for battery-carmaker set to get underway.

by on Jul.03, 2017

Tesla could hit its mark for the first time by rolling out the first saleable Model 3 this week.

The biggest test Tesla has ever faced is about to get underway, CEO Elon Musk announcing plans to roll the first saleable Model 3 off the line on Friday, the same day customers will be able to place official orders for the new battery-electric vehicle.

The Model 3 will be Tesla’s first entry into the mainstream electric market, with its $35,000 base price running roughly half that of the company’s current Models S and X offerings. Tesla has reported taking over 300,000 advanced registrations for the vehicle, each with $1,000 deposits, but one key question is how many of those will translate into actual orders.

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The other question is how quickly Tesla will be able to meet demand. In a Sunday evening tweet, Musk said he expects that “Production grows grows exponentially, so Aug should be 100 cars and Sept above 1,500. Looks like we can reach 20,000 Model 3 cars per month in Dec.”


Tesla Model 3 Taking the Slow(er) Road

First specs, including performance, appear online.

by on May.30, 2017

A Tesla handout shows a pre-production Model 3.

For many owners, one of the most appealing features of the Tesla Model S is its neck-snapping acceleration – with the optional Ludicrous Mode the sedan capable of launching from 0 to 60 in around 2.8 seconds.

While the new Tesla Model 3 will nearly match the range of some versions of the bigger sedan, don’t expect to see it come close when it comes to performance. What appear to be official Tesla figures indicate the new battery-electric vehicle, or BEV, will need about 5.6 seconds to nudge 60. That’s faster than the rival Chevrolet Bolt EV, but just barely, and more in line with what some comparably-sized gas-powered vehicles can deliver.

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Early EVs were battery-powered stone ponies, barely able to get out of their own way, the little Mitsubishi MiEV, for example, needing a full 13 seconds to get to 60. That’s a key reason, industry analysts suggest, that demand for those first-generation electrics was so poor. By boosting range and performance, however, buyers finally to be sitting up and taking notice.


Chevy Bolt Predicted to Hit 30K Sales Mark in 2017

U.S. EV sales soaring toward new record in 2016.

by on Oct.19, 2016

LG Chem VP Kang Chang Beom told his shareholders that Chevy Bolt sales would exceed 30,000 units in 2017. The supplier produces the batteries for the Bolt.

Just as Tesla revealed that the initial deliveries of its first mass-market EV, the Model 3, will be slow, one of the car’s competitors, the Chevrolet Bolt, appears to be ready to sprint out of the gate in 2017 with 30,000 deliveries.

The Bolt prediction comes from LG Chem Vice President Kang Chang Beom, whose company makes the batteries for Chevy’s new EV. His forecast that it would be raining Bolt EVs came during a conference call with the company’s shareholders, according to Bloomberg.


Sales of the new five-door plug-in EV begin later this year with production ramping up in early 2017 at General Motors’ plant in Orion, Michigan. However, Tesla’s first Model 3s won’t hit the streets until late next year … and even that’s considered a big assumption given the company’s past adherence to deadlines. (more…)