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Tesla Trying to Recover Wrecked Model S

EV maker sued by trademark squatter in China.

by on Jul.08, 2014

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk wants to recover a stolen Model S involved in a high-speed collision in California over the weekend.

Tesla is looking to get its hands on a recently wrecked Model S sedan – it split in half after hitting a light pole and the battery caught fire – after it was stolen from a dealer lot in California last weekend.

“We’ve asked to take a look at the vehicle as soon as that’s possible,” Simon Sproule, Tesla’s vice president of communications, told Bloomberg News. “There aren’t so many Ses involved in major crashes, and certainly not quite like this one, so we absolutely want to have a look to understand what happened.”

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The car crashed on a street in West Hollywood, Calif., after a police chase at speeds up to 100 mph. There were several injuries in the multi-car crash, but no deaths at the scene, police officials said. (more…)

Tesla Adding Protection to Model S Battery Case

New triple underbody shield installed free-of-charge.

by on Mar.28, 2014

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company was installing a triple underbody shield to provide additional protection for the Model S battery case.

Just as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was ending its investigation into the Tesla Model S fires, the EV maker announced it is adding a “triple underbody shield” to Model S to eliminate any possibility of the battery compartment being punctured.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based EV maker began adding the shield, which is really a series of three shields, to vehicles manufactured after March 6 and is offering to retrofit existing vehicles upon request of the owner or when the vehicle is brought in for regular maintenance free of charge.

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The new shield is in response to three vehicle fires last year that occurred after Model S drivers struck an object in the road. There were no injuries in any of the incidents, but the cars were completely destroyed. Tesla dismissed the incidents as flukes, but the fires caught the attention of officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). (more…)

Tesla Exec Testy about Possible Recall

EV maker beats Q4 estimates for deliveries by 20%.

by on Jan.14, 2014

Tesla VP Jerome Guillen fields questions during a testy media session at the Detroit Auto Show. Photo credit: Len Katz.

Tesla’s safety issues regarding the Model S have put the EV maker on a bit of a roller coaster ride for the past six months, and it appears they won’t be getting off the ride any time soon.

While the company had plenty of good news to discuss, such as deliveries in the fourth quarter were up 20% over guidance, the supercharger network expansion in the U.S. is progressing well and the Model S is the top-selling car in Norway right now.

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However, when the press conference turned to the issue of safety and the status of the NHTSA investigation into the three Model S fires and the potential impact on the company, things got a little…strained. (more…)

Tesla Stock Jumps as German Investigators Clear Model S – But Questions Remain

Will stock rebound continue as NHTSA continues to probe fires?

by on Dec.04, 2013

Investors seem to be ready to overlook the issues surrounding the Model S, but NHTSA is definitely not.

Investors appeared to be willing to overlook the recent Tesla Model S fires yesterday, pushing the company’s stock to its biggest one-day gain in four months; conversely, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is taking time to really examine the incidents and the safety of the Model S.

Tesla’s stock jumped 16.5% yesterday on a couple of pieces of good news. First, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority – Germany’s version of NHTSA – basically cleared Tesla of any culpability in the three incidents where the Model S caught on fire: two in the United States and one in Mexico.

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“No manufacturer-related defects could be found,” according to a letter outlining the findings from the German agency, which was provided by Palo Alto, Calif.-based Tesla. “Therefore, no further measures under the German Product Safety Act are deemed necessary.” (more…)

A Musk Meltdown? NHTSA Disputes Tesla Founder’s Claims

Are Tesla’s batteries fatally flawed?

by on Nov.21, 2013

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company asked for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to open an investigation into the fires plaguing the Model S in recent months. Safety officials have denied that claim.

What’s clear is that the federal government has opened an investigation into the three fires involving Tesla vehicles – and the potential that the Model S battery-electric vehicle suffers from a significant safety design defect. What’s less clear is how that probe got underway after an initial delay.

In a blog posting that came out earlier this week, Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk declared that his company asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to launch its probe. But during a tour of the L.A. Auto Show, NHTSA Director David Strickland stressed that was news to him.

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The head of the federal government’s automotive safety arm first noted that during a hearing on Capitol Hill this week, later repeating that the decision to launch the investigation was made “independently,” with no feedback from Tesla or its CEO, despite Musk’s blog claiming the company “requested” a safety probe “as soon as possible into the fire incidents.” (more…)

Battery Pickups and Commercial Aircraft? Tesla’s Musk Exploring New Options

There are, of course, some more immediate problems.

by on Nov.14, 2013

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk isn't limiting himself to battery sedans.

One thing that’s become obvious about South African-born billionaire Elon Musk: he is willing to spend his money on anything that interests him, and in recent years that has covered a range of bases as diverse as electric cars, rocket ships, solar panels and even high-speed inter-urban transportation.

So, what next?  Musk has been dropping a number of different hints of late, and based on his history, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see more than a few new projects surface.  In fact, the Tesla Motor Co. founder and CEO has dropped a few hints of his own in recent days, telling one interviewer there is “an interesting opportunity” in the commercial aviation industry, while suggesting to another “we have to deliver” a competitor to the most popular vehicle in the U.S. market. That seems to translate into an electric pickup.

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Indeed, Musk’s comments on CNN Money wouldn’t be the first time he has expressed an interest in putting a batteries into a truck. He first broached the subject last April during a visit to Texas, at the time going so far as to suggest, ““When we do establish a manufacturing plant outside of California, Texas would be a leading candidate for that.”


NHTSA May Open Investigation into Tesla Fires

Agency looking to see if latest blaze “merits agency action.”

by on Nov.08, 2013

This image from Tennessee authorities shows damage to a third Tesla Model S to catch fire in six weeks.

Tesla, it seems, may be going from the frying pan right into the fire – and after receiving word of the third fire in six weeks involving the California start-up’s Model S battery sedan, federal investigators want to know why.

Following reports of the first Model S fire, which was blamed on heavy metal debris striking the battery pack of a vehicle driving through the Seattle suburbs in late September, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration appeared to dismiss the incident as a fluke.  But a second, and now a third, fire quickly followed and NHTSA is taking a closer look.

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As with the Seattle blaze, authorities in Smyrna, Tennessee have issued a preliminary report suggesting the latest incident was caused by metal road debris somehow penetrating the armor surrounding the Model S battery pack.  That led officials in Washington to advise that the agency will “contact” local authorities in Tennessee “to determine if there are vehicle safety implications that merit agency action.”


Tesla Takes Yet Another Hit as it Runs Short of Batteries

Stock plunges on latest bad news.

by on Nov.07, 2013

Tesla tanks? And the chart doesn't show Thursday's preliminary decline.

Things to keep going from bad to worse for high-flying battery-car maker Tesla Motors – at least as far as the company’s investors are concerned, though many potential customers are in for a disappointment, as well.

The latest setback, it seems, is the result of the maker’s unexpected success winning over buyers in a market otherwise skeptical about electric propulsion. Tesla is taking so many orders it doesn’t have enough batteries to meet demand – news that once again sent its stock plunging.

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Tesla stock has been in sharp decline for the past month – after reaching a $194.50 peak in late September it was trading around $140 a share mid-morning Thursday, a drop of around $11, or over 7%, for the day.  On Wednesday, TSLA, as the stock is traded as, fell so fast that, at one point, it triggered NASDAQ’s so-called “circuit-breaker,” which is designed to slow trading by short-sellers that could drag shares down even faster.