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Tesla Buys Automation Supplier to Help With Model 3 Issues

EV maker is not close to meeting previously announced production rates.

by on Nov.09, 2017

Tesla acquired former supplier Perbix to help it with its automation woes as Model 3 production continues to lag expectations.

After watching the ambitious production plans for the new Model 3 go up in smoke, Tesla purchased a Minnesota-based make of production equipment.

Perbix designs and manufactures automation machinery, and has been used as a supplier, according to Bloomberg. The terms of the deal were not disclosed but Perbix president James Dudley is to receive about $10.5 million in Tesla stock, according to a regulatory filing

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Tesla has been hammered by the bad news stemming from the snarled production lines in Fremont that are supposed to build the Model 3 in sufficient volume to serve as Tesla’s bridge into the market for affordable transportation.  (more…)