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Toyota Project Portal Would Replace LA Port Diesels with Clean Hydrogen Trucks

Fuel-cell system would replace diesels at busy, smoggy L.A. ports.

by on Apr.19, 2017

Toyota will begin a study this summer that could see hydrogen-powered trucks go into operation at two key Los Angeles ports.

While Tinseltown’s air quality has improved dramatically over the last few decades, there are still some problem spots, especially near the bustling Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach where long lines of diesel trucks queue up to drop off or pick up their loads of cargo.

State and local regulators have struggled to clear the air along the 710 freeway that links the ports but, so far, with only limited success. Now, Toyota hopes to offer an even more dramatic solution through what it is calling “Project Portal.”

Enviro News!

The maker late last year hinted that it had begun working on a project that would use its fuel-cell technology in a heavy-duty truck. On Wednesday, it revealed that the first possible application could see hydrogen-powered semis replace diesel models at the two Los Angeles-area ports. A proof-of-concept study will begin over the summer.


Tesla Looking at 2nd Plant; Musk Considers Battery Truck

EV maker offers new luxury loaner program.

by on Apr.12, 2013

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

One thing about Tesla founder Elon Musk: he is nothing if not ambitious. And with his battery-electric company expected to report its first-ever profit for the January-to-March quarter, the entrepreneur is already looking how to keep his business expanding.

That could include the addition of a second plant, possibly in Texas, Musk says. He also is hinting that Tesla is considering the idea of a battery-powered pickup truck. Musk made those comments during a visit to the Lone Star state where Tesla has gotten embroiled in a battle over its bid to revise state franchising laws to sell vehicles directly to consumers.