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Hydrogen Cars Just a Dodge, Argues Tesla Exec

Fuel-cell vehicles being used as props to dodge fuel-economy rules, says O’Connell.

by on Nov.20, 2015

Tesla recently launched its second product line, the Model X battery-electric SUV.

Fuel-cell cars are little more than expensive props used by automakers to dodge increasingly tough fuel-economy regulations and emission standards, declared a senior executive from the Tesla Motor Co.

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, told the Automotive Press Association Friday, that fuel cell technology simply is not practical because it will require a huge investment in an entirely new infrastructure to provide the hydrogen gas those vehicles needed.

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Electric vehicles are more practical because they do not require anywhere as much of a new investment in public infrastructure, argued O’Connell, noting that Tesla has supported an expansion of high-speed EV-charging capabilities off its own balance sheet.


Tesla’s Model S: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go?

Maker’s planned 300-mile battery pack may be effectively unusable – unless you have plenty of time to wait.

by on Jan.19, 2011

Tesla plans to launch production of the Model S sedan sometime in early 2012.

A new video released by Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors suggests the maker is moving rapidly ahead with the development of its planned Model S sedan, and may very well make its ambitious target of going to market in 2012.

With a planned price tag under $50,000 – after federal and state rebates, where available – Tesla is hoping the Model S will prove naysayers wrong about the viability and flexibility of electric propulsion.  Notably, to overcome so-called “range anxiety,” the ambitious automaker will offer three different battery packs: a base version delivering 160 miles under optimum conditions, one that pushes to 230 miles, and a third lithium-ion pack that will get as much as 300 miles per charge, about what a motorist might expect on a tank of gas with the typical automobile.

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But company sources acknowledge that the larger batteries, especially the pack providing a 300-mile range, may be not only priced beyond what most motorists could afford – but that few, if any owners would be equipped to utilize its extended range without long layovers between drives.