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Peer Pressure Causes Teen Accidents? Well, D’uh!

“Thrill seekers” more likely to take risks, says new study.

by on Feb.03, 2012

Night time is the wrong time for teenage drivers.

Emergency crews struggle to save teens involved in a nighttime accident.

Unless you were a home-schooled only child, chances are you’ll recall the daily battle to conform to peer pressure during your high school years.  A new study says that teens are not only more likely to try to conform with friends when it comes to music and clothing but also how they drive.

And for a group a new study dubs “thrill seekers,” that significantly raises the chance of getting into a crash, according to a study jointly carried out by insurance giant State Farm and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


A second new study of 677 young motorists found that more than 70% of male teens involved in serious crashes were distracted by their passengers before the accident occurred.  The same was the case with nearly half the female teens. That may put pressure on more states to adopt rules limiting the number of young drivers in a car when the person behind the wheel has just recently been licensed.