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MMM Special: Can Ford Fusion Stand Out in Sea of Sameness?

Fusion marketing campaign is very visible - but invisible, too.

by on Nov.06, 2012

Ford Fusion launches sales with a creative new series of ads.

Few automotive segments are more crowded than the midsize sedan market.  So, despite months of hype, hoopla and hope, the official sales debut of the striking new 2013 Ford Fusion might have been underwhelming if traditional ad campaign launch methods were followed.

Global Ford marketing czar Jim Farley clearly wasn’t going to settle for the same-old same-old, it turns out, Ford choosing to follow its own and less traveled road. In doing so, it has created some stunning, provocative and compelling graphics in broadcast commercials and print ads that are amplified with succinct copy that is both persuasive and convincing.

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I was able to preview major elements of the new campaign, including elements of the company’s overview from Amy Marentic, Ford’s group marketing manager. And the ad agency perspective from Toby Barlow, Team Detroit’s chief creative director, who revealed the artsy back-story, the agency overview and divulged intricate and elaborate production methods that were used.



Mazda yanks ad account despite long-running success.

by on Jun.21, 2010

Mazda is zoom-zooming from Doner to Team Detroit/WPP.

Though it is credited with creating one of the industry’s most credible marketing campaigns, the independent Detroit-based ad agency, Doner, has learned that nothing is permanent in the automotive world.

Doner has been notified it will lose the multi-million dollar Mazda ad business, an account that the suburban agency put on the map with its Zoom-Zoom theme.

After a lengthy review, the California-based Mazda subsidiary is moving to another Motown agency, Team Detroit/WPP.  It is unclear whether the Zoom-Zoom campaign will continue or be replaced by a new slogan.