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Fiat Chrysler May be Back in the Big Game After All

But Nissan also planning extended spot for Super Bowl ad fest.

by on Jan.28, 2015

Chrysler is likely to return with more long-form spots like this Emimem "Made in Detroit" ad.

There’s a decided downturn in the number of automakers planning to pitch their wares during the coming weekend’s Super Bowl XLIX. Only five have confirmed a presence, including Nissan, returning for the first time in nearly two decades – while other familiar corporate faces, such as Volkswagen, intend to sit on the sidelines.

But there’s growing speculation about whether Fiat Chrysler will stage a return to the big game’s annual ad fest. Several insiders have suggested a big “surprise” is in store. That would be in keeping with the maker’s past strategy, starting with the unexpected 2:00 minute commercial that ran four years ago featuring rap star Eminem.

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If Chrysler does return for Super Bowl XLIX, it won’t be alone in stretching out its message. Nissan is teasing an extended commercial of its own planned for the game. (more…)

Automakers Sitting out Super Bowl XLIX

Just five car companies confirmed for ads this year.

by on Jan.26, 2015

Despite the strong response to its Little Darth Vader ads, VW plans to sit out Super Bowl XLIX.

Viewers tuning into this year’s Super Bowl won’t get to see a pint-sized Darth Varder use “the force” start another Volkswagen as the German automaker isn’t part of the commercial roster for this year’s game, along with Jaguar, General Motors, Ford and several others.

The number of automakers with ads on this year’s broadcast is down significantly: the lowest level in five years. Last year, 11 brands were featured, whereas this year just five are confirmed. It’s the lowest level since 2010, which is when automakers were just beginning to see a dramatic sales turnaround.

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However, the five that are advertising are running different types of ads. Mercedes-Benz plans to air some humorous ads. While Toyota plans to tug at viewers’ heart strings with ads about what it means to be a dad. Kia is using Pierce Brosnan, formerly James Bond, for a 60-second spot on the new Sorento crossover. BMW will hype its new i3 EV in a commercial and Nissan returns to the game for the first time since 1997. (more…)

Marty’s Marketing Minutia: The Super Bowl of Excess

Automakers likely to spend $72 mil to pitch football - and ad - fans.

by on Jan.31, 2014

Volkswagen is just one of several automakers advertising during this year's Super Bowl at a cost of more than $72 million.

Two days from now in an example of profligate marketing, Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen and others will expend an estimated $72,000,000 – yes, that’s seventy-two millions of dollars – to run their latest 30-second commercials on the Fox broadcast of the 48th Super Bowl. Which means the time is costing $130,000 per second.

Oh, and did we mention what Chrysler is likely to be investing if, as has reported, they go ahead with another two-minute spot featuring the legendary Bob Dylan?

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Add to this bare bones (ha!) media buy the cost of creating and producing these mini-movies. We’re talking sets, crew costs above the line and below the line, talent fees, editing, post production, travel, craft services, drivers, misc. incidentals, guaranteed residuals, special music and computer generated graphics. Add that in and you’re talking chump change in the neighborhood of $750 thousand to $1 million for each commercial, or anywhere from $18 to $25 million overall. (more…)