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Caddy Claims ATS Super Bowl Ad Was Most-Watched TV Spot – Ever

“Green Hell” spot seen by over 111 million in U.S. alone.

by on Feb.08, 2012

A shot of the new ATS from Cadillac's "Green Hell" Super Bowl commercial.

There are plenty of folks who still don’t know who won the Super Bowl last Sunday – even if they had the TV on for the big game.  A lot of people, it seems, are there to check out the much-hyped commercials.

And Cadillac is claiming that its game-day spot for the new ATS compact luxury sedan, dubbed “Green Hell,” had the largest audience ever for a TV commercial broadcast in the U.S. – which meant it was seen by an estimated 111.3 million people.

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The maker cites research by Kantar Media, which closely tracks the Super Bowl audience, minute-by-minute.  It found that when the ATS spot ran, at 9:37 PM EST – during the two-minute warning official time out, the audience rating rose to 43.5, an all-time record for what was already the most widely watched Super Bowl ever.

(To watch the Cadillac ATS “Green Hell” ad, Click Here.)

Estimates are that the game was also seen by at least a billion people outside the U.S. – or roughly one in every six people on the planet.