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Subaru Teases Next-Gen Impreza with Tokyo Show Car

Viziv Concept offers some hints as to upcoming Tribeca replacement.

by on Oct.28, 2015

The Subaru Impreza Concept was shown in 5-door form, but a 4-door will soon follow.

These days, automakers frequently use “concept cars” to set the stage for a new model that may be coming in just a matter of months. Often times, they’ll give the show cars a catchy, if misleading name to keep media scribes and the public guessing. Subaru didn’t even bother to go that far as it rolled out what it insisted was just a “concept” version of the Impreza at the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday.

Sure, a few of the details will likely be changed, but not by much, Subaru acknowledging that the show car reveals “the design direction not only of the new Impreza but of Subaru’s future models as a whole.”

What a Concept!

And for good reason, it turns out. The Subaru Impreza set to reach showrooms next year as a 2017 model will introduce the Japanese maker’s new global architecture, a platform that will be shared by virtually all of its products going forward.


The Dozen Biggest Debuts Coming from Tokyo Motor Show

From a phone booth on wheels to an assortment of battery vehicles.

by on Oct.27, 2015

Mazda offers a tease of the sports car it will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this week.

The biennial Tokyo Motor Show has a history of introducing some wild, weird and wacky vehicles, and this year will be no exception. Honda, for one, will be introducing its Wander Walker, a concept vehicle that bears an uncanny resemblance to a phone booth on wheels.

But don’t let the crazy concepts fool you. There’s a serious side to the Tokyo Motor Show, as well, and this year’s event will bring out an assortment of luxury sedans, sports cars and alternative-fuel vehicles that will have a big impact on the global industry in the years to come.

Show Off!

While foreign makers will have a minimal presence at the 2015 show, Japanese makers such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda will more than offset that absence. Here are a dozen of the most important debuts to come in Tokyo this week:


Toyota to Pull out of Indiana Alliance with Subaru

Smaller maker doesn’t expect to lose jobs.

by on Nov.14, 2013

Toyota plans to stop using partner Subaru to help it meet demand for the Camry.

The manufacturing alliance between Japanese giant Toyota and little Subaru is apparently coming to an end.

Toyota has notified its partner that it will stop producing its long-popular Camry model at the assembly plant Subaru operates in Lafayette, Indiana once their five-year contract expires in late 2016.  The move is not expected to end other joint ventures, however, such as the one that led to the development of the sports car sold in the U.S. as both the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

And Subaru officials are saying they’re optimistic the Indiana plant not only will be able to maintain but even increase its current staffing levels.

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“Based on changes in Toyota’s production plans, they have decided that the award-winning Camry production contract will not be renewed,” said Tom Easterday, executive vice president at Subaru of Indiana.

The plant was originally opened in 1989 as part of an earlier joint venture pairing Subaru and Isuzu. The latter maker abandoned the venture in 2001 and subsequently pulled out of the American market, leaving the facility entirely to Subaru.


Subaru Bringing New XV Crosstrek to U.S. Market

“Next-generation crossover” to debut in New York.

by on Mar.23, 2012

Subaru will introduce the new XV Crosstrek at the NY Auto Show next month.

Subaru is bringing its “next-generation crossover,” the new XV Crosstrek, to the U.S. market and will give potential American buyers a closer look at the New York Auto Show next month.

The latest crossover in the Japanese maker’s expanding line-up will share its basic underpinnings with the latest-generation Impreza.  But the CUV will get a bit more ground clearance improving its off-road capability – or at least its ability to maneuver through snowstorms and other suburban hazards.

The Final Word!

The Subaru XV Crosstrek will feature four-wheel independent suspension and will share the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system offered in all Subaru products save the maker’s new BRZ sports coupe – the latter developed as part of a joint venture with Toyota.


First Look: Subaru XV

Maker reveals crossover-like design that could replace Impreza; confirms plans to deliver a downsized turbo engine line for WRX and STi.

by on Sep.16, 2011

Is Subaru's new XV the next U.S. Impreza?

Some big changes are coming at Subaru – as it has revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

The Japanese maker’s much anticipated rear-drive sports car still isn’t quite ready for primetime, though it generated much chatter at both the Subaru and Toyota stands – the latter maker helping develop the Miata-class 2-seater.

Stay in the Know!

But what Subaru did have to reveal in the form of the new XV was arguably of even more significance as it could replace the long-lived Impreza, which is itself the foundation of products like the WRX.

And the changes will extend will below the skin, the maker confirmed, with an all-new 2.0-liter turbocharged direct injection boxer-four engine coming for the line-up.


Subaru Teases XV Crossover Introduction

Production version of concept shown in Shanghai.

by on Aug.11, 2011

Subaru offers a tease of the new XV crossover.

Automakers are beginning to sketch out the details of what they have coming for the Frankfurt Motor Show next month – quite literally in the case of Subaru, which is offering us this teaser rendering of the new XV.

A concept version of the new crossover made its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show, earlier in the year.  The upcoming German event will bring the introduction of the production Subaru XV, which will serve as the replacement for the maker’s current Impreza Outback Sport model – at least in Europe and China. Exactly what that means for U.S. buyers remains to be seen.

The Inside Story!

The automotive arm of Fuji Heavy Industries is holding back the details, but the production XV is likely to mimic the dimensions of the concept shown in Shanghai.  It was slightly longer and about an inch taller than the current Impreza Outback Sport – though it shared the production models all-wheel-drive system.


First Look: 2012 Subaru Impreza

New compact aims to keep momentum going.

by on Apr.21, 2011

Subaru updates the Impreza for 2012, with both a hatchback and sedan on tap.

It’s been a good couple years for Subaru, the Japanese automaker establishing one sales record after another.  And how do you keep the momentum going, company officials ask, other than with new product

Which set the stage for Subaru’s moment in the spotlight at this year’s New York Auto Show, where the maker pulled the wraps off the latest version of its compact Impreza model.

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Two versions of the all-wheel-drive model will begin rolling into showrooms by autumn, on schedule despite the crisis in Japan that has forced the delay of a number of other vehicles, Subaru’s top U.S. executive, Tom Doll, stressed.

In keeping with industry trends, Subaru’s product development team focused on delivering a roomier, more emotionally styled vehicle that, of course, has to deliver better fuel economy than the product it replaces.


First Look: 2012 Subaru Impreza

Maker claims top AWD mileage.

by on Apr.07, 2011

Subaru will bring the new, 2012 Impreza to the upcoming New York Auto Show.

It’s going to be a busy couple press days at the upcoming New York Auto Show, Subaru the latest to reveal plans for a major launch in the Big Apple.

The automotive arm of Fuji Heavy Industries will roll into Jacob Javits Center with an all-new version of the compact Impreza, both in 4- and 5-door configurations, it promises, the image shown here of the sedan.

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The design is modern, if not exactly breakthrough, featuring a coupe-like curved roofline and more muscular flared wheel wells, front and back.  Narrower headlamps and a revised grille provide a generally more sporty look.  Industry reports have been suggesting the new car should deliver a bit more length and width improving what has been one of the more cramped offerings in the compact segment.

But what could be the real draw is the promise by Subaru that the new Impreza will yield an estimated 36 miles per gallon on the highway.   As it stands, that would make the new 2012 model the most fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive passenger car on the U.S. market.