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Honda Slam Dunks Deal with Brooklyn Nets

Maker’s first East Coast sponsorship.

by on Aug.13, 2012

Fuhgeddaboutit! Honda teams up with the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center.

Apparently, sporting fever is spreading in the wake of the Olympics.

American Honda Motor Co. Inc. has signed a multi-faceted strategic marketing agreement with Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets.  It is Honda’s first-ever major sponsorship with a sports and entertainment venue on the East Coast. It will position Honda as a Founding Partner for Barclays Center, which will open in late September.

Be in the Know!

The Japanese maker has gained the naming rights for one of the clubs in the arena which will now become the Honda Club. Additionally, with Barclays Center emerging as the home of major college basketball on the East Coast, Honda will be the presenting sponsor of the “Brooklyn Hoops” Winter Festival college basketball tripleheader featuring Michigan vs. West Virginia, St. John’s vs. St. Francis of Brooklyn and Fordham vs. Princeton, on Saturday, December 15.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia: Hype, Hope and Hysteria

Score a big win for GM.

by on May.25, 2012

GM marketing czar Joel Ewanick, shown with the Chevrolet Volt.

Hooray for Joel Ewanick! He had a helluva week breaking molds, traditions and profligate spending while making new ad biz rules. He’s gone where few CMO’s have dared to go with the outlandish premise of getting a measurable return on every component of the corporation’s massive advertising budget.

Part 1 was killing GM’s Facebook ads, a media trip into the unknown that was not working: i.e., generating measureable interest or involvement. Feeling good is not a Metrix element of marketing. Results count, right?

Stay on Top!

Part 2 was the cancellation of three 30-second commercials on next year’s Super Bowl because they become too expensive. What a bizarre concept. GM not on the Super Bowl. OMG!

But the media buy of $11.4 million based on a price tag of $3.8 million apiece is chump change when one considers the other elements of the major expenses for a traditional Super Bowl package for Gargantuan Motors that could boost the bill by another $10 million or more.


Knicks Jeremy Lin A Slam Dunk for Volvo

Nissan, meanwhile, offers a Titan to Peyton Manning.

by on Mar.19, 2012

Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin will now aim to score for Volvo.

Swedish automaker, er, make that Chinese-owned carmaker Volvo is hoping to score a slam dunk by signing a marketing agreement with the NBA’s new Asian-American superstar Jeremy Lin.

Details of the deal – which Volvo describes as a “dynamic marketing partnership” — will be announced later today, but a Volvo announcement describes the agreement as an opportunity to leverage “the Swedish carmaker’s sport heritage.”

Score Big!

Japanese automaker Nissan, meanwhile, hopes to leverage a sports tie-in of its own while also helping boost the hometown team.  Nissan officials have offered to make – as in build – a Titan pickup for new free agent quarterback Peyton Manning if he signs on with the Nashville-based Tennessee Titans, one of several teams he is reportedly considering.


Marty’s Marketing Minutia: NBA Edition

Kia scores triple double with NBA sponsorship.

by on Dec.30, 2011

Kia is betting big on the resumption of play at the NBA.

After a three month lockout delay the National Basketball Association finally returned to the boards, tipping off on Christmas day with five season-opening games broadcast on three television cable networks. Millions watched as millionaires played hoops – with major sponsors, like Kia Motors America, betting heavily that the fans would tune back in.

Kia has bet heavily on the hoop hoopla. It may be the fourth ranking NBA advertiser behind T-Mobile, Taco Bell and Warner Bros-Pictures but Kia it is the biggest automobile advertiser in the game. Kantar Media noted that last year the brands expenditures were in the $17 million neighborhood, a number Sprague did not dispute.

The Final Word!

The maker’s vice president of marketing and communications Michael Sprague telling me in an interview last week that, “The shortened season (66 games, rather than the usual 82) has not diminished the fans or their interest in the game, its players, the opportunities and sponsorships.”


Marty’s Marketing Minutia

Kia says, "G'day," at Australian Open.

by on Jan.28, 2011

How much is this image worth? Rafael Nidal delivers a slam for Australian Open sponsor Kia.

Let’s face it, advertisers love sports – perhaps none more than in the auto industry.

Last year’s FIFA World Cup was the biggest worldwide televised sports event in history, next in total number of viewers is expected to be next weeks Super Bowl XLV, with commercials costing from $2.8 to $3.0 million for each :30-second spot.

But here in the ‘land down under,’ Kia Motors has set an incredibly high benchmark for sponsorship of a single, important athletic event, the first of the four Grand Slam tennis majors, the Australian Open.  Kia is the major sponsor of the entire 14-day event for men and women.  Not just a single event at a Slam Event ala Mercedes, which last year took over sponsorship of the men’s singles at the U.S. Open, which was preceded by Lexus, which took over from Lincoln.

Keep On Top!

In all due respect this is not an inexpensive sponsorship, but if getting the proverbial bang for the buck – aka ROI — is the measure of success then Kia, Korea’s oldest car manufacturer Is the winner in straight sets similar to how Kia’s brand ambassador, Rafel Nadal, got slammed on Wednesday night and Roger Federer did, too, a day later — both in straight sets.  The winner however is Kia: Game, Set and Match.