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Ferrari Makes it Official with Frankfurt Debut of New Portofino

No more California Dreaming.

by on Sep.12, 2017

The new Ferrari Portofino made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It's the replacement for the California.

The term, “entry level” can carry quite a different meaning, depending on whether you’re talking about a subcompact hatchback or a new Ferrari.

So, don’t worry about shortcuts in comfort or performance with the debut of the new 2018 Ferrari Portofino. The replacement for the outgoing California model, if anything, is a significant upgrade.

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“The object here was to come up with something that made no compromises,” said Enrico Gallieri, the exotic automaker’s chief marketing officer, as he prepared to lift the covers on the new hardtop convertible. That means, if anything, more performance as well as improved comfort. (more…)

McLaren Teases New BP23 Model Coming in 2019

New three-seater hybrid supercar is already sold out.

by on Mar.22, 2017

McLaren is teasing its next supercar, currently codenamed the BP23. The Hyper-GT won't see the road until 2019.

McLaren is a company on the move. Just weeks after debuting its new 720S at the Geneva Motor Show, the company is hyping its BP23 model.

Its what?

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The new Hyper-GT car is the second offering from the McLaren Special Operations team and the name BP23 is simply code for that this is the second vehicle, No. 2, and it has three seats, No. 3. The current name is unlikely to follow it over to production. (more…)

First Owner Takes Delivery of VLF Destino, World’s Fastest Four-Door

Project pairs designer Henrik Fisker and “Maximum Bob” Lutz.

by on Jun.08, 2016

The first VLF Destino, the 200-mph sports car powered by a Corvette V8, was delivered to its owner.

Billed as the world’s fastest four-door, there have been plenty of questions about whether we’d ever actually see one of the sleek VLF Destino sedans other than at an auto show. But the project, which teams former General Motors “car czar” Bob Lutz, and Danish designer Henrik Fisker, has actually come to fruition, the first owner taking delivery this week.

First shown in concept form at the Detroit Auto Show in 2013 – with a near-production model returning to the Motor City event this past January – the Destino reportedly can tip the 200 mph barrier thanks to a V-8 engine borrowed from the Corvette.

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“I’m over the moon with how the car turned out dynamically — steering, brakes and, of course, Corvette ZR-1 power, coupled with the convenience of a paddle-shifter automatic,” proclaimed “Maximum Bob” Lutz. “I’m really happy with color and trim, as well as the spectacular proportions.” (more…)

Kia to Add First Sports Sedan

Production version of Novo aiming at likes of Audi A5.

by on Feb.04, 2016

Kia is looking to challenge Japanese and European brands with its new Nova sports car.

Expect to see a production version of the Kia Novo sports sedan concept come to market next year as part of the Korean carmaker’s increasing push to take on more exclusive Japanese and European competitors.

The production model will be the first sporty model from either Kia or sibling Hyundai since the not-so-sporty Veloster and will be slightly smaller than the current Hyundai Genesis Coupe, according to several sources. A report by the Reuters news service said project is codenamed CK and is expected to reach market by May 2017.

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Once known for its small, affordable – and bland – products, Kia has been trying to reposition itself, much like Hyundai, which is just launching the all-new Genesis luxury brand. Kia is putting more of an emphasis on sporty products after getting a tepid response to its own luxury model, the K900. (more…)

Lexus Set to Reveal New LC 500 Coupe at Detroit Show

Production take on LF-LC concept will replace unloved SC coupe.

by on Dec.07, 2015

Lexus officials are expected to unveil the production version of the LF-LC concept shown in Tokyo last month in Detroit in January.

Driven by a mandate from Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, Lexus officials have been trying to pump more “passion” into the brand with recent designs like the 2016 RX, and the all-new NX. But there’s only so far a company go with a two-box utility vehicle.

To push the design envelope to its limits, Lexus is expected to unveil the long-awaited production version of its LF-LC Concept coupe, the latest version of which made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show barely a month ago. Dubbed the Lexus LC 500, the 2017 model should be ready to take the stage at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show – part of a flood of concepts and production models Toyota is set to be readying for the show.

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“Look at this (concept) and you’ll get a real good idea of where we’re going with the styling direction of the brand,” the LS in particular, Mark Templin, a managing officer at Toyota and executive vice president of Lexus International, told after the latest take on the LF-LC concept was revealed in Tokyo. (more…)

Mercedes AMG C63 Ups Ante in Luxury Performance

Small coupe provides stiff competition for rest of segment.

by on Aug.19, 2015

The 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 S is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 putting out 503 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz gave C-Class AMG aficionados a little glimpse earlier today at what’s to come for the 2017 model with a promise of more information to follow soon. Apparently, the future is now as Mercedes released the specs just hours later.

AMG fans can rest assured that the latest C-Class iteration follows on the high-powered traditions of its predecessors, which have made the C-Class version the best-selling AMG variant in the Mercedes line-up.

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“The new AMG C63 Coupe embodies our conception of progress: It offers impressive longitudinal and lateral dynamics at an extremely high level along with improved fuel economy,” said Tobias Moers, chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. (more…)

Mercedes Revs Up C-Class with New AMG

German maker puts some oomph in the mix for 2017.

by on Aug.19, 2015

The AMG is expected to be powered by a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 putting out as much as 503 horsepower.

Just about a week after Mercedes-Benz gave everyone a peek at the new C-Class Coupe, it’s whetting appetites even more with a look at the 2017 AMG C63.

The automaker rolled out the new C200 and C300 in California and Michigan last weekend and while the newbies looked sporty, they begged the question: when does the AMG get here.

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Well, as the picture shows, the 18-inch wheels from the coupe get bigger 14-spoke models, plus air intakes, a metallic grille and LED headlights on the front giving the AMG version a very distinctive look. (more…)

Lotus Amping Up the Sports Car Game with New 3-Eleven

Brits promise their fastest road car ever.

by on Jun.26, 2015

Lotus unveiled the new 3-Eleven in time for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.

It might not be a winning roll of the dice in Las Vegas, but Group Lotus is betting big on the new 3-Eleven it’s unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today.

With its distinctively minimalist windshield and extremely long nose, the long-struggling British maker claims the new model will be its fastest production road car ever. Actually, there will be two versions produced, one for the street, another for the track.

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“We always say that to make a sports car better, you make it faster and lighter. The new Lotus 3-Eleven carries that philosophy to a new level, and is perfectly in keeping with our brand values,” said Jean-Marc Gales, chief executive officer for Group Lotus plc, during a presentation at the annual Goodwood event. (more…)

Sweden’s Koenigsegg Promising to Debut World’s Fastest “Megacar” in Geneva

New Regara expected to top 250 mph, perhaps 1,400 horsepower.

by on Feb.18, 2015

Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg teased its Regara model coming to the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s tough to stay on top – especially when you’re billing yourself as the world’s fastest or most powerful. It wasn’t all that long ago when the folks at Bugatti were bragging about offering a mere 1,001 horsepower in their exotic Veyron ultracar.

Since then, the stakes have been rapidly ramping up, and little Swedish automaker Koenigsegg promises to take the lead when it rolls out its all-new “megacar,” the Regara, at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. If the name elicits a sense of déjà vu, no wonder. Scramble the Scrabble tiles and you’ve got the Koenigsegg Agera – and the carmaker says it will be pulling the wraps off a new version of that model, as well.

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For the moment, Koenigsegg isn’t offering many details, suggesting only that the Regara “will reign as the king of the road, as the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever.” (more…)

Porsche Previews Perfect Pair in Detroit

New Cayenne and Targa rolling out for 2015.

by on Jan.13, 2015

The 911 Targa 4 GTS will do zero to 60 in just a tick under 4.3 seconds.

Somewhere Porsche executives are trying to make sure that the OPEC leader they sent a Christmas card to last year stays on the list this year as sales of non-gas sippers are on the upswing as consumers enjoy the low fuel prices.

It makes it the perfect time for the German sports carmaker to roll out two new models that chew up fuel as quickly as they do miles: the mind-numbingly fast 911 Targa 4 GTS and the sport SUV that began the craze,the 2016 Cayenne Turbo S.

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The 911 Targa 4 GTS is sort of a convertible and sort of not, but it’s definitely fast and even more so in its latest iteration with an additional 30 horsepower boosting the 3.8-liter flat six to 424 hp. In real terms: zero to 60 in just a tick under 4.3 seconds. All that power gets transferred to all four wheels with standard all-wheel drive. (more…)