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Jeep Cherokee Gets a More Conventional Look for 2019

Less “polarizing” headlights, but still some “weirdness” in the design.

by on Jan.16, 2018

The Trackhawk and Limited versions of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee finally break cover.

SUVs and crossover-utility vehicles are the hottest things on the market right now, accounting for half of U.S. new vehicle sales last year, and few brands have done a better job riding that wave than Jeep.

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand is looking to hit record global sales of 2 million this year. That’d be double what Jeep  delivered as recently as 2014 and more than triple its volume when Chrysler was taken over by Italy’s Fiat at the beginning of the decade.

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Give credit to several factors, including not only the surge in overall demand for utility vehicles but the rapid expansion of the Jeep line-up and the race to keep existing models fresh. That includes the 2019 Jeep Cherokee that’s making its debut at this year’s North American International Auto Show.


SUVs Rule at the NY Auto Show

Utes of every size and price range roll into the Big Apple.

by on Mar.28, 2016

Acura unveiled the latest update of its best-selling model, the 2017 MDX, in New York.

When Mazda pulled the wraps off the new MX-5 Miata RF, a new version of its 2-seat roadster, on Thursday, it was one of the rare exceptions at a New York International Auto Show marked by the debut of a score of new sport- and crossover-utility vehicles.

In a variety of shapes and sizes – as well as a broad range of prices — they can be found in every corner of the Jacob Javits Convention Center. And, if anything, industry officials made it clear they’ll have still more utes to unveil in the near future.

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“It appears there is no end in sight to the remarkable growth of the crossover market, here and around the world,” said Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, as he opened up the auto show’s annual media preview with a keynote speech.


VW’s New Touareg Outfitted to Fit in with High-End SUVs

Maker’s sport-ute gets facelift, new technology.

by on Dec.08, 2014

Volkswagen is looking to compete in the high-end SUV market with a freshened Touareg that includes a boatload of safety and convenience technologies.

Volkswagen of America had been rolling along toward some ambitious sales targets when a decided shift away from cars to crossovers and sport utility vehicles robbed it of its forward momentum and put more pressure on its own SUVs, such as the Touareg.

While facing competition from SUVs such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz ML and Acura MDX, which have been overhauled in the last couple of years, VW still believes the Touareg can still hold its own.

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For 2015, the Touareg gets facelift, an optional driver assistance package and a refreshed interior with new convenience features. The Touareg also retains its sturdy vehicle dynamics, which deliver solid ride and handling under a variety of driving conditions thanks to well-tuned suspension, brakes and steering. (more…)

TDB Brings You the Chicago Auto Show

New vehicles, technology and concepts.

by on Feb.07, 2014

The Windy City is playing host to the latest set of automotive introductions, new technologies and industry executives.

The 106th Chicago Auto Show features plenty of the latest and greatest in the auto world, and plenty of breaking news. And continues to bring you more news and behind-the-scenes reports from the show at McCormick Place.

Here’s our handy guide to our complete coverage. Make sure to keep coming back as we add more!


Ford Betting On Safety Technology To Rebuild Explorer Brand

Maker emphasizing safety to expand definition of quality and reliability.

by on Oct.21, 2010

Ford is betting on safety advances to help rebuild demand for the once-dominant Explorer.

When Ford Motor Co. launches its complete redesign of the Explorer sport-utility vehicle for 2011, the maker will be aiming to rebuild a once-dominant franchise that has become little more than an also-ran in the huge multi-purpose vehicle market.

The new model shifts gears in a number of ways.  A critical part of the redesign was moving from a truck-based body-on-frame platform to a car-like chassis borrowed – and then heavily modified – from the Taurus sedan.  Ford will emphasize the best-of-all-worlds capabilities of the 2011 Explorer.

But it will put a particular premium on pitching the new crossover/SUV’s safety technology –notably including some key features making their worldwide debut on the 2011 Explorer.  That strategy, the company hopes, will help overcome a lingering bad taste in the market that was caused by the Firestone tire fiasco, nearly a decade ago, when wags dubbed the long-popular vehicle, the “Ford Exploder.”

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The 2011 Ford Explorer offers a wide array of the latest technology, from electronic stability control to cross-traffic alert, a radar-based system that can spot oncoming traffic when a motorist is backing out of a parking spot.  That technology underscores several trends in the overall car market, and at Ford in particular.

Cross-traffic alert first debuted on the re-make of the BMW 7-Series, two years ago, but was quickly added to the Ford Taurus.  Traditionally, technology advances were launched on high-line models, like BMW’s, and then it would take years to slowly migrate down to the mainstream market.  Ford has not only been pushing to shorten that cycle but to actually take the lead with technology that luxury makers will need to catch up on.


First Look: Range Rover Evoque

Maker unveils, reveals name of its first-ever crossover.

by on Jul.01, 2010

A pair of firsts for Land Rover: the 2011 Evoque will be the brand's first crossover and its first front-drive-based vehicle.

Land Rover’s first crossover-utility vehicle, and the first product from the British maker to adopt a front-wheel-drive powertrain, has been formally unveiled on the grounds of London’s Kensington Palace, a part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the U.K. maker’s flagship Range Rover SUV.

The Range Rover Evoque is the eagerly-awaited and much-discussed production version of the Land Rover LRX show car first unveiled two years ago at the North American International Auto Show, in Detroit.

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“This is the smallest, lightest, most fuel-efficient addition to the Land Rover line-up ever,” declared the maker’s Managing Director Phil Popham, who stressed Land Rover’s goal of “broadening our appeal” with the Evoque.


Land Rover to Reveal Production LRX Crossover

Launch to mark Range Rover’s 40th anniversary.

by on Jun.30, 2010

A 2009 rendering of the LRX. Look for some changes -- and a new name -- as Land Rover's first front-drive crossover debuts late this year, with a hybrid version to follow by 2013.

There’ll be more than just a birthday cake to help Land Rover celebrate the 40th anniversary of its flagship Range Rover tomorrow, a bouncing baby brother that’s been making the rounds, in concept form, as the LRX.

Lower, sleeker and decidedly more crossover-like, the compact Range Rover that’s due to a formal unveiling could take the British-based marque into a new era, one where car-based crossovers have come to dominate traditional, truck-like sport-utility vehicles on the sales charts.

Similar to the concept vehicle Land Rover has been promoting on the auto show circuit for several years, the production version of the LRX boasts a less boxy appearance, with a more sloping honeycomb grille, pinched headlights, and a roofline that appears to taper towards the rear hatch.

The show car – along with a number of heavily camouflaged prototypes seen in recent months – sported a two-door configuration, but a 4-door is also reportedly under development.

Don’t expect to see the show car’s LRX name to carry over into production, various sources report, though the actual moniker will be tightly held until a global webcast launch from Land Rover headquarters in the U.K. Thursday afternoon.


Land Rover Confirms Plans for Small Range Rover

British maker plans for “greener and sustainable” future.

by on Sep.24, 2009

Land Rover will turn the LRX concept into a 2011 Range Rover that it promises will be the smallest, lightest vehicle it has ever produced.

Land Rover will turn the LRX concept into a 2011 Range Rover that it promises will be the smallest, lightest vehicle it has ever produced.

Land Rover is confirming plans to put the well-received LRX concept vehicle into production, with its expected to reach showrooms, sometime in 2011, as the third model in the premium Range Rover line-up.

Smaller and more fuel-efficient than the other two models, the launch of the LRX is designed to not only expand the appeal of the overall Land Rover brand, but shift it towards a “greener and (more) sustainable” business model, company officials declared, earlier today.

Global Auto News - Online

Global Auto News - Online

Like all sport-utility vehicle manufacturers, Land Rover has seen a significant shift in public attitude, in recent years.  Though the basic utility of SUVs may still appeal, consumers are seeking better mileage and lower emissions, demands also being made by regulators in the U.S., Europe and other key markets.


Sneak Peek: Hyundai ix-onic Crossover Concept

Closer look at “urban nomad.”

by on Feb.19, 2009

Hyundai's ix-onic debuts in Geneva.

Hyundai's ix-onic debuts in Geneva.

We may have to wait for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show to figure out how to pronounce the name of the new Hyundai ix-onic Crossover Concept. (Is that “ick-onic”, “ichs-onic,” or the presumptuous “iconic”?)

For now, we’ll lift their own description, and refer to the concept as an “urban nomad.” It’s appropriate for a small, high-function crossover. Let’s face it, despite all the TV ads showing SUVs and CUVs fording streams and climbing to the highest mountain peeks, most folks simply use them to haul their stuff around town.

Developed at the Hyundai design studio, in Russelsheim, Germany, the sculpted concept vehicle’s high-contrast paint scheme is designed to emphasize the flowing lines of a body that measures just 14.5 feet, nose-to-tail, 6.0 feet wide, and 5.5 feet tall. A new, hexagonal grille is on its way to become a Hyundai brand signature. A high belt line flows off the front and rear wheel arches, giving the ix-onic a solid, planted feel. Those wheel arches have a double-zigzag feel to emphasize the sporty dynamics of the new concept.