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Discipline for Air Turbulence

Retired auto designer has idea to improve tail-end auto aerodynamics.

by on Aug.26, 2011

Colin Neale has patented a novel device aimed at improving air flow over the back end of a car.

This is the second in a two-part series about retired auto designer Colin Neale. Click here to read part one, which looks back on Neale’s long career designing the cars we drive.

Automotive designers have gotten really good at designing cars that barely tickle the air as it slips past the front end and caresses the sides and greenhouse. But when that same air gets to the back end, well, there’s not a whole lot for a designer to do.

“Everything just goes to hell” at the back end of the car, said retired auto designer Colin Neale. “It’s called turbulence.”

Discipline in Turbulence!

Neale says for a car to have perfect tail-end aerodynamics, it would have to be a 100-long teardrop.

Since 100-foot long cars aren’t practical, Neale has come up with an idea that might work instead. Neale obtained a patent for what he calls S.C.O.T. – or Spin Control of Turbulence – that might offer a solution.