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GM Bumps Up Chinese Production

Maker targets new buyers with Baojun brand.

by on Nov.26, 2012

The Baojun 630 targets the next wave of new Chinese car buyers.

Hoping to maintain its role as the Chinese market’s sales leader, General Motors has opened up a new assembly plant primarily aimed at the next generation of buyers in cities just beginning to share in China’s fast-growing economy.

The factory, in the southern city if Liuzhou, will be used to build the Baojun 630 midsize sedan. The Baojun brand was launched just over a year ago as a joint venture between General Motors and its existing Chinese partners, Shanghai Automotive Industries Inc., or SAIC, and Wuling Motors. The three have been operating jointly as SGMW.

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Until now, China’s automotive boom has largely focused on major cities along the Pacific coast, including Shanghai and Beijing. But demand is rapidly growing in central and western “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” cities just beginning to share in the country’s economic expansion. Baojun is especially focused on first-time, entry-level buyers.


GM’s Newest 4-Door To Debut At $7,000

But you’ll need to live in China to buy the Baojun 630.

by on Nov.23, 2010

The Baojun 630 targets the next wave of new Chinese car buyers, in the country's third-tier cities.

General Motors and its affiliate SAIC have pulled the wraps off their newest model.  The 630 sedan will go on sale, early next year, as part of the two partners’ new venture, the Baojun brand.

At $7,000, the 630 model is being aimed at the next wave of new Chinese car buyers.  Until now, the country’s impressive automotive revolution has been largely concentrated in Pacific Rim cities like Shanghai and Beijing.  But the central government is hoping to spread its economic miracle inland and automakers like GM and SAIC are only too happy to oblige.

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Under Chinese law, foreign makers must find domestic partners.  The two allies are already active in a variety of joint ventures, including GM’s first Chinese factory, in Shanghai, which produces a variety of Buick models.  SAIC also shares ownership of the Wuling brand, which produces a variety of low-cost microvans.  Wuling, in turn, holds a stake in Baojun.