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Majority of Americans Have Had Sex in a Car

Now-gone Pontiac was a favorite for lovers.

by on Aug.01, 2014

Better to be in an Aztek than looking at one, especially when survey results show that more people who have been intimate in a car, did so in a Pontiac.

Passion can strike anywhere, and the automobile has often provided a quick and easy refuge for lovers, as so many Hollywood films have reminded us. But fantasy does reflect reality in this instance, a new survey of nearly 3,000 American adults revealing that nearly three out of five have had at least one intimate encounter inside a car.

But the brand of choice, it turns out, will no longer be around to give shelter to lovers, General Motors dropping the much-favored Pontiac after its emergence from bankruptcy five years ago, noted shopping site, which conducted the survey after experiencing a surge in demand for adult toys and lingerie.

Your Opinions Matter!

“Don’t Bother Knocking (If This Van’s Rocking)” was the name of a popular album by group Fu Manchu, picking up on an even more popular bumper sticker. For some, cars serve as mobile motel rooms, while for others to fill in when a more comfortable bedroom isn’t available, various studies have suggested. (more…)

Sex Please, We’re British?

Forty five percent of Brits admit to four wheel, er, fornication.

by on Oct.30, 2009

Whatever happened to British reserve? And I don’t mean the pound as currency.

Well, if you believe a recent survey, and it is not a p.r. hoax, almost half of the Brits surveyed have engaged in some form of car sex.

While the sexual antics of the Royal Family are well known, the cliché about reticent British attitudes toward amour – note that the French always supply the bon mots in this area not our mother tongue – have long prevailed.

We're Quirky!

We're Quirky!

A significant 45% of Britons surveyed by admit to car shagging. As to why MadBid, claiming to be the UK’s leading penny auction website or their version of eBay, was interested in this topic, we will not speculate.