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NHTSA Concerned About GM’s Super Cruise Stopping Plan

Regulators worried stopping vehicle could cause additional problems.

by on Nov.29, 2016

General Motors Staff Researcher Dr. Jeremy Salinger road tests a Cadillac using the semi-autonomous Super Cruise technology.

The concerns U.S. regulators have about the implementation of semi-autonomous or autonomous vehicles appears to be growing as safety officials really dig into the inner workings of these new technological marvels.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently urged General Motors to exercise caution in the implementation of its Super Cruise semi-autonomous system, specifically the fact that the system will slowly bring the car to a full stop if it senses the driver is sleeping, incapacitated or simply not paying attention.

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NHTSA confirms the automaker’s plan to bring the car to a stop and activate the vehicle’s hazard lights if the driver is inattentive or unresponsive is compliant with federal automotive standards. However, it is also concerned the flashing lights could be misinterpreted by other drivers creating a more serious safety issue. (more…)

Comma One Maker Pulls Semi-Autonomous Add On Device

Company founder claims he'd rather invent things than deal with government.

by on Oct.28, 2016's George Hotz at the introduction of the Comma One: an aftermarket device giving cars semi-autonomous capability for $999.

The promise of an aftermarket system to make your car semi-autonomous … as quickly as it was here, it was gone. introduced the new aftermarket add-on at a trade show in San Francisco last month that allows anyone with $999 and who is willing to pay the $24 a month subscription fee to turn their vehicle into a nearly self-driving beast.

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As is usually the case with new technology, wiring up your car with a device made from off-the-shelf parts and turning it loose on the freeway isn’t as simple as it seems. Federal regulators, namely the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, had a few questions about the new device. (more…)