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Hyundai to Add Turbo Veloster

Move will add a major pump in performance.

by on Nov.01, 2011

The ARK Veloster debuting at SEMA provides a hint of what Hyundai will deliver with the Turbo Veloster.

Hyundai will pump up the new Veloster, the quirky little hatchback it recently introduced, with a turbocharger that will bump up its horsepower by nearly 50%.

The Veloster has become the latest in a string of strong products from the Korean brand, but if critics had any complaint about the unusual 3-door+1 design it was the Hyundai Voloster’s anemic little 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which currently makes just 138 horsepower.  (Click Here for’s review of the 2012 Hyundai Veloster.)

Hyundai is hoping this move will resolve that complaint.

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The twin-scroll turbo will increase the horsepower of the Veloster’s inline-four engine to 207 hp, John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, revealed during the annual SEMA Show, an aftermarket extravaganza in Las Vegas.  Hyundai is signaling the possibilities of a performance spin-off of the hatchback with the ARK Performance Veloster, a customized one-off that uses a twin-scroll turbo to squeeze 210 hp out of the hatchback.


First Look: Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC

Korean concept coupe gets 480 hp with supercharger.

by on Oct.14, 2011

Hyundai will reveal a 480-hp concept version of its Genesis Coupe at the upcoming SEMA Show.

Auto shows often provide designers and engineers an opportunity to play the game of “what if?” and nowhere more so than at the SEMA Show, the annual gathering of aftermarket suppliers that also brings out some of the wilder concepts and show car ideas from automakers like Hyundai.

And, when the show opens up in Las Vegas just in time for Halloween, the Korean carmaker will have a trick up its sleeve that will provide fans of its Genesis Coupe a real treat: the Hyundai Genesis Hurricane SC.

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The result of a two-year development effort, it’s a 480-horsepower version of the sporty Genesis Coupe, with a supercharger strapped onto its 3.8-liter V-6 to bump up its stock 306 hp by nearly 60%.

The project was hatched by HATCI, the Hyundai America Technical Center Inc., which teamed up with Magnuson Products, Rhys Millen Racing, Harman International and Torvec Inc. to develop and build the prototype.