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Budweiser Cans the Driver; Turns to Autonomous Truck to Haul Load of Beer

A sign of things to come?

by on Oct.25, 2016

Autonomous trucking start up Otto broke new ground today by delivering a truckload of beer in Colorado.

Drinking and driving don’t go together. But what if you’re just hauling a load of beer from the brewery?

In a potentially groundbreaking first, Otto, a self-driving truck start-up, delivered a load of 45,000 cans of Budweiser to a warehouse in Colorado with no one behind the wheel. The 120-mile run is being hailed as the first in what could begin a routine way of life in the not-too-distant future as autonomous and fully driverless vehicles take over the highways.

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The early morning delivery was set in motion by Budweiser parent Anheuser-Busch working with Otto, the start-up recently purchased by Uber. The ride-sharing giant has become a leading proponent of autonomous and fully driverless technologies, arguing that these systems will eventually make American roadways safer, faster and cleaner – while also lowering the cost of driving. (more…)

Autonomous Vehicle Expected to be $560B Industry

Self-driving vehicles will save lives, cut traffic and reduce pollution.

by on Aug.12, 2016

Uber has already started testing autonomous vehicles with an eye toward using them in their regular ride-sharing fleet someday.

During the next two decades, autonomous vehicles will grow into $560 billion industry, according to a new report from a prominent consulting firm.

AT Kearney interviewed 150 executives from the automotive, tech and communications industry in preparing the study, which estimates that it will take up to two decades for fully autonomous driving to emerge.

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“While industry players have already developed or tested many of the technological building blocks, tough and tricky legal challenges remain, including new laws on accident liability, on where self-driving cars may operate, and on who may have a license,” the comprehensive study noted. (more…)

China Shuts Down Autonomous Testing on Highways

Government finalizing rules for testing self-driving vehicles.

by on Jul.20, 2016

No Teslas will be running on Autopilot in China as the government has just issued a moratorium on on-highway testing.

The Chinese government has seen enough and the only autonomous vehicle testing activity it’s going to allow for now near the public is self-parking.

Officials warned automakers that there should be no on-road testing of self-driving vehicles until the rules for those exercises are finalized. Currently, the Ministry of Information Technology and police have an early draft of potential regulations, but nothing has been finalized, said She Weizhen, head of the ministry’s auto department, recently. There is no deadline set for when those rules should be ready, according to Bloomberg News.

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China’s move comes as the U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced plans to release new guidelines for the ongoing development of self-driving vehicles later this summer. (more…)

Technology Shaping Search and Performance for New Vehicles

Surveys show tech drives buying and driving experience.

by on Jun.28, 2016

Self-driving vehicles may improve the mobility of baby boomers some day, if they learn to trust the vehicles.

Technology is playing a bigger role than ever in the car-buying experience, whether it’s the technology on the car making it safer or easier to drive or the technology used to determine what vehicle is best for the buyer.

In today’s highly connected lifestyle, new vehicles are laden with more and more safety and convenience features. However, according to a new study from Jumpstart Automotive Group, many of those digital mavens rate state-of-the-art technology and infotainment as “nice-to-have” feature versus a “must have.”

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This may be because the bar is higher. Consumers’ expectations are much more advanced today—they expect their vehicle to be an extension of their connected live, the study notes. This is especially true of Bluetooth, which many list as a favorite technology that they would be unwilling to give up. (more…)

Millennials Interest in New Vehicles Rises with Technology Available

Self-driving cars appealing to younger drivers.

by on Apr.28, 2016

Self-driving vehicles may improve the mobility of baby boomers some day, if they learn to trust the vehicles.

While self-driving cars are expected to increase the mobility of aging baby boomers, but they are still skeptical about the technology that piloting those vehicles. Conversely, younger drivers are seemingly enthralled by the possibilities the cars represent, a new study finds.

Gen Y or “Millennials” between the ages of 21 and 34 and younger Gen Z, which is just getting driver’s licenses, have substantially more interest in automated driving, according to the 2016 edition of the Tech Choice Study that J.D. Power presented to the Automotive Press Association in Detroit.

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“You often hear that younger people aren’t interested in driving. Maybe it’s just the Millennials don’t have the baggage about driving that Baby Boomers do,” said Kristin Kolodge, director of driver interaction and HMI at J.D. Power who supervised the study. “The just have a fresh perspective,” she said. (more…)

California Says “Driverless” Cars Still Need a Driver

Rules will create new class of autonomous vehicle "operators."

by on Dec.17, 2015

Google won't be allowed to start testing vehicles without steering wheels or pedals.

California regulators have laid out new rules covering the imminent roll out of autonomous vehicles and, among other things, they’ve decided that “driverless” cars will continue to need to have a driver – or at least a licensed “operator” — sitting behind the wheel.

California already has a large number of autonomous prototypes rolling down its highways, and Google, considered one of the leaders in self-driving technology, operates many of them near its base in Silicon Valley. But the new rules show regulators want to take a go-slow approach to actually putting autonomous vehicles in the hands of consumers.

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The draft regulations are generating a mixed response; some skeptics see the move as a way to put safety first, but Google said it was “gravely disappointed” by the state’s announcement.


Nearly 20 Mil Self-Driving Cars Expected to be on the Road by 2025

Dealing with the deadly “Trolley Problem.”

by on Dec.03, 2015

Autonomous vehicles, like this Google Car, could become a common sight in barely a decade.

While the first autonomous vehicles  are only expected to reach production by 2020, a new study forecasts they will catch on fast, with as many as 20 million of them likely to be operating on roads around the world by the middle of the next decade.

That said, the new study by Britain’s Juniper Research emphasizes that even by 2025, self-driving vehicles will represent less than 1% of the vehicles in use around the world. And that raises serious flags, industry analysts warning that things could get bumpy in the first years the technology is in use.

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“The research noted that concerns over the decision making capabilities of these systems have been raised and questions have been asked about the decisions autonomous vehicles would take when presented with…two disastrous outcomes,” stated a summary of the new Juniper study.


Formula E to Launch World’s First Roborace

Self-driving race series set to get underway next year.

by on Nov.30, 2015

Roborace will be an hour-long event before each of the Formula E battery car races.

Think motorsports and you’re as likely as not to immediately think of some of the great names associated with racing: Schumacher, Hill, Fangio, Andretti, Petty and Earnhardt. So, what happens when you take the driver out of the car?

You come up with the new Roborace, a series of hour-long track events set to launch next year as a prelude to the Formula E series. About to enter its third season, Formula E is itself a groundbreaking concept, the first major series to rely on battery-electric race cars.

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“We passionately believe that, in the future, all of the world’s vehicles will be assisted by AI and powered by electricity, explains Denis Sverdlov, Founder of Kinetik and Roborace.  The new series will serve as a “celebration of revolutionary technology and innovation that humanity has achieved in that area so far. It’s a global platform to show that robotic technologies and AI can co-exist with us in real life.”


Nissan IDS Autonomous Battery-Car Concept Delivers Clean, Safe Driving

“Revolutionizing the relationship between car and driver.”

by on Oct.28, 2015

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn introduces the automaker's IDS concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Nissan has set out some aggressive goals for itself. It was the first major automaker to launch a battery-car, the Leaf, and it hopes to be the first to put an autonomous vehicle into high-volume production. The show car making its debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show is meant to show off the clean, safe technology the Japanese maker plans to deliver.

The low, sleek design of the IDS Concept – short for Intelligent Drive System – meanwhile, hints at the direction Nissan will take with the second-generation Leaf now under development, that battery-car expected to deliver more than twice the range of the Nissan Leaf currently on the road.

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The IDS provides a vision of vehicles to come which will “revolutionize the relationship between car and driver,” said Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, during the official unveiling of the IDS. (more…)

Autonomous Vehicles May Upend Insurance Companies

Changes in how cars are bought, used may cause problems.

by on Jul.29, 2015

Google and its self-driving car could turn the insurance industry upside down.

It is something of a cliche nowadays to talk about technology as a disruptive force. But as automakers wrestle with the prospect of driverless cars and motorists who don’t own their vehicles, insurance companies could be facing something akin to a catastrophe, according to a new study by Driverless Transportation.

Autonomous vehicles are bound to disrupt the insurance industry, according to the latest warnings from consultants who have studied the insurance business recently.

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Several of the consultants released reports recently suggesting auto insurers face will face daunting challenges in the future. (more…)