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Toyota Teaching Proper Safety Seat Set Up

Buckle Up for Life program increases correct installation rates.

by on Sep.10, 2014

Toyota is working with dozens of hospitals across the country to help parents understand how to properly install child safety seats in cars.

After a decade of efforts to teach parents how to do it right, statistics show that three out of four parents in the United States are still installing child safety seats incorrectly.

Child Passenger Safety Week is a chance to remind drivers of the importance of using seat belts and to become reacquainted with the proper use of child safety and booster seats for children under the age of 12.

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One program, Buckle Up for Life, launched in 2004 by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Toyota, to save children’s lives, is working to change those statistics. (more…)

Parents Modeling Bad Driving Habits to Teens

Distracted driving practices influence kids’ behaviors.

by on Aug.08, 2014

Teens mimic the behavior of their parents, especially when it comes to distracted driving.

While many parents often concentrate on what kind of vehicle will keep their teen drivers the safest, it’s poor behaviors they exhibit behind the wheel that make the biggest difference in safety and teens learn many of those habits from their parents.

While parents may think they’re setting a good example for their teens, these findings suggest that some parents engage in unsafe driving habits more often than they might admit,” said Dave Melton, driving safety expert with Liberty Mutual Insurance and managing director of global safety.

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“Research shows that teens often replicate their parents’ poor driving behaviors, so it’s critical for the safety of everyone on the road that parents be a model for responsible driving whenever they are behind the wheel.” (more…)

Volvo Celebrates The Three-Point Safety Belt

Volvo hardly deserves all the credit for its admirable frosting on the automotive safety cake. Detroit started decades before.

by on Aug.13, 2009

Nils Bohlen of Volvo

Volvo credits the three-point belt with “saving an estimated million lives worldwide.”

Volvo hardly deserves all the credit for its admirable frosting on the safety cake. Thursday, August 13, 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of Volvo obtaining a patent, presumably in Sweden, for the three-point safety belt it pioneered.

But they’ve gone overboard in patting themselves on the back for the advance in safety engineering. Perhaps this is because they have a narrow European, even Scandinavian, viewpoint. In any event, Volvo’s lengthy European press release on their pioneering role in three-point belts almost completely ignores the American experience.

Furthermore, Volvo credits the three-point belt with “saving an estimated million lives worldwide.” That may or may not be true, and probably there is no way to prove it one way or the other, for the simple reason that few fatal accident investigators, usually state police, have the ability to decide whether a two-point belt would have been just as effective, especially in ejection-from-the-vehicle incidents. Moreover, with crashes in more modern cars, how could one distinguish between the safety contributions of the three-point belt versus that of an air bag?

If Volvo’s perhaps naïve ploy is successful, you’ll no doubt see lots of stories in the Mainstream Media touting Volvo safety, written or screened by equally naïve, under-informed journalists. So let me give you the American background.