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Toyota Abandoning Scion Brand

Once-strong youth division lost focus, sales.

by on Feb.03, 2016

The 2016 Scion iA was the youth-oriented brand's first-ever sedan and one of two products parent Toyota hoped would save the brand.

It was intended to attract the sort of hip young buyers who were largely steering clear of Toyota stores, and, for at least a few years, it worked. But with sales steadily dropping despite an infusion of new product, Toyota is pulling the plug on its Scion brand.

Products like the new Scion iM and iA won’t be abandoned, however. The plan is to rebadge them as Toyota products for the 2017 model-year, though it’s unclear what will happen to the edgy C-HR crossover vehicle that Scion was developing, as it could come to close to existing Toyota products.


“This isn’t a step backward for Scion; it’s a leap forward for Toyota,” said Jim Lentz, the CEO of Toyota North America, is a statement. “Scion has allowed us to fast track ideas that would have been challenging to test through the Toyota network.”


First Drive: 2016 Scion iA

First-ever four-door upgrades Scion image

by on Jul.31, 2015

The 2016 Scion iA is the brand's first-ever sedan. It's one of two new models coming this fall.

Amid the rising sales of truck and sport utility vehicles, sales of small, subcompact cars have held their own, suggesting that attributes such as affordability and fuel efficiency still have enormous appeal for a significant population of buyers.

The segment is also likely to expand as new, city-dwelling buyers, both young and old, who might for an alternative to vehicles that don’t really fit into increasingly scarce parking spaces in urban areas, enhancing the overall appeal of cars such as the new Scion iA.

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The iA is the anchor of an effort by Toyota to re-invigorate the Scion brand, which has struggled in recent years at least in part because of a product strategy that seemed hit or miss. With the introduction of iA, which will compete directly with cars such as Honda Fit, Mazda 2, Chevrolet Sonic and Nissan Versa, Scion is making a bid to re-establish its presence and influence in the heart of the affordable, subcompact market. (more…)

Scion Open to “Any Product Suitable” as it Searches for Turnaround Formula

New brand boss says all-wheel-drive, SUV even pickup could fit.

by on Jul.31, 2015

Scion Vice President Doug Murtha said recently he's open to any number of new models for the youth-oriented brand.

Scion will bring two all-new models to market for 2016 – half of its total line-up. That includes both the new iM hatchback and the iA, the youthful brand’s first sedan. But don’t be surprised to see Scion push into even newer territory in the next few years.

Struggling to regain momentum after a decade of declining sales, Scion’s new management team is making major changes, including a shift away from the dark, wildly creative advertising that marked its early years. But it’s ultimately all about product, stressed General Manager Doug Murtha, who told Scion just might get its own pickup, utility vehicle, or at least something else with all-wheel-drive.

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“I’m a hand-raiser for any product suitable for the brand,” Murtha said during an interview in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he’d come for a media drive of the new Scion iA and iM models. (more…)

Scion Seeking to Reconnect With Young Buyers With New iA, iM Models

Paring down aspirations.

by on Jul.29, 2015

Scion is looking to reinvigorate its brand with two new models, the iA sedan and iM hatch.

Once one of the hottest, hippest brands on the U.S. automotive market, Scion is hoping to reinvent itself with the launch of two new models this coming year, the iM and iA. And, in an unusual turnabout, it has sought help from little Mazda.

First launched 12 years ago, Scion was designed to reach the sort of youthful trendsetters who were largely steering clear of parent Toyota’s showrooms. And, with quirky models like the xB backed by creative – if sometimes dark – marketing campaigns, the brand became an almost instant success, hitting a 2006 peak with sales of 173,000 vehicles.

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But Like a parent who tries to pick up on the latest teenage slang, Scion soon seemed to disconnect with hip audience it sought. The second-generation xB, specifically designed for the U.S. market, was a spectacular flop and, by 2014, sales plunged to a mere 58,000. The slide has continued this year. Despite the ongoing revival of the U.S. new car market, Scion sales dipped another 18.6% during the first half. (more…)

Mazda or Scion or Fiat? Alliances Are Changing the Face of the Auto Industry

Automakers partner up to cut costs, expand product lines.

by on May.28, 2015

The new Mazda Miata was developed as part of a joint venture with Fiat.

When the new iA comes to Scion showrooms later this year, it will mark the first time Toyota’s youth-oriented brand has offered a sedan.

To bring it to market, Scion sought out some help, largely repurposing a 4-door model developed by smaller Japanese automaker Mazda. Toyota also will use the subcompact Mazda2 as the starting point for the next version of its small Yaris model – which will be assembled at a new Mazda plant in Mexico.

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Confused? You’re not alone.  It takes more than just a scorecard to keep up with the convoluted alliances in today’s increasingly competitive auto industry. Hoping to add more models to their line-ups while at the same time driving down costs, traditional competitors are finding advantages to working together.


Scion Uses Alphabet Game to Punch up New Models

Two new entries signal commitment to brand.

by on Apr.01, 2015

The new Scion iA is designed to give entry-level drivers a sporty and stylish alternative.

Toyota’s youth-oriented sub-brand, Scion continued its renaissance at the New York Auto Show with the introduction of its latest alphabet cars: the iA and iM.

After suggesting the “i” in both vehicles stood for individual and intriguing, Scion began differentiating the pair by suggesting the “A” in iA could mean “aggressive” styling, “accommodating” cabin and trunk, and “affordable.”

A Real Performer!

Well, it better mean “aaa” as the brand needs add punch to its line-up to bolster sales. The new iA is affordable as entry-level sports cars go starting in the $16,000 range. (more…)

Scion Teases Two Debuts Coming to New York Auto Show

Toyota’s youth-oriented brand gets all-new models.

by on Mar.18, 2015

The Scion iA sedan is designed to appeal to young people who need a little more practicality, but still want engaging styling and outstanding driving dynamics.

Long-stumbling Scion is looking to recapture its lost magic with younger buyers with the introduction of two new models at the New York International Auto Show: the iM and iA.

The brand released a couple of teaser photos of the two vehicles today to hype the new models.

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The Scion iM is a five-door hatchback, which was shown as a concept last November at the L.A. Auto Show, while the iA is a four-door sedan that is “designed to appeal to young people who need a little more practicality, but still want engaging styling and outstanding driving dynamics.” (more…)