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Ford Truck Design Boss Schiavone Off to Whirlpool

Latest in a series of senior departures from Ford design.

by on Dec.21, 2009

Ford Truck's Pat Schiavone, who was responsible for the 2009 Ford 1-50, is making a Whirlpool.

There are car guys, truck guys and, it seems, appliance guys.  In a surprising move, the man credited with designing the last three generations of the Ford F-150 is leaving the automaker.

Turnover in the automotive business has been intense, lately, so the departure of Pat Schiavone is, in itself, not entirely a shock.  What is unexpected is his decision to leave the automotive industry entirely.  According to, (ed: where our friend and contributor Mike Levine serves as publisher), Schiavone is on his way to the appliance maker Whirlpool.


We’re having a hard time picturing Schiavone, Ford’s North American Truck and SUV design director, sketching out washing machines and dryers.  He’s spent the last 21 years at Ford, where he not only designed the 2009 F-150, but the 2002 Ford F-350 Tonka Truck and Ford F-150 Lightning Rod concepts.