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Volkswagen of America Debuts Its First Consumer Blog Forum

"TDI Truth & Dare" claims to address diesel myths.

by on May.04, 2009


The truth about clean diesel technology is presented, at least from a VW slant.

Volkswagen of America launched its first” unedited” consumer blog forum called TDI Truth & Dare this morning.  The blog will attempt to promote the difference of diesel from “clean diesel,” as the compression ignition engines continue to struggle to gain acceptance in the U.S. in the face of consumer skepticism over high initial and fuel costs, as well as previous experience with noise and cancer causing soot from diesel engines.

Jetta sales at 6,000 units were off 16% in April compared to the year earlier period. VW does not break out diesel sales, something it should do if it believes that diesel can grow in the U.S.

VW said that visitors will learn the “truth about clean diesel technology” by understanding the facts. The forum will also dare visitors to get involved in the alternative fuel discussion by participating in online events, such as the “Tank Wars” fuel-efficient driving challenge, and using applications like “Diesel Finder” and “Savings Calculator.”

Tank Wars is VW-dubbed as “The ultimate MPG challenge” where it dares consumers to reach or surpass the Guinness World Record of 58 miles per gallon set in September 2008 by a Volkswagen Jetta TDI driven by John and Helen Taylor. (more…)