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Buick, Porsche Take Top Ranks in Power’s Sales Satisfaction Index

Dealers going high-tech to keep up with cars, customers.

by on Nov.10, 2016

Buick topped the 2017 J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index, which measures how happy buyers are with the sales process.

Buying a car isn’t an easy process these days. As vehicles get more complex, so does the once-simple process of finding the right car, truck or crossover – and then understanding all of its features. That’s why it’s increasingly important for customers to have access not just to the traditional salesperson but vehicle specialists, notes market research firm J.D. Power and Associates in its latest Sales Satisfaction Index.

The annual study delivers a few surprises as it examines how pleased shoppers were with the new vehicle buying process. Porsche, which has also led a number of recent quality studies, was top brand overall. But resurgent Buick was named the top mainstream brand, according to the 2017 SSI study.

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“Owners can be challenged with the complexity of today’s vehicles,” said Chris Sutton, vice president of automotive retail practices at J.D. Power. That’s why it’s critical for dealers to employ specialists who can “show the technology to the owner (to) really ensure the customer gets the most benefit out of their vehicle.” (more…)

Mercedes-Benz Has Most Satisfied Shoppers, Says JD Power

Explaining high-tech features critical to increasing shopper satisfaction.

by on Nov.13, 2014

Automakers providing new vehicle buyers with assistance in the use of new technology in their vehicles are seeing customer satisfaction scores rise.

Motorists have come to expect the latest high-tech features in the cars they buy. Ironically, that’s also a frequent cause of customer frustration, buyers struggling to figure out how to pair a phone or plug in a destination.

Manufacturers that hope to keep customers happy – and loyal – need to ensure that product specialists spend time at the showroom explaining how to make that technology work, according to a new study by J.D. Power and Associates. Having the right staff on hand is one of the key reasons why Mercedes-Benz topped Power’s latest Sales Satisfaction Index, or SSI.

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“With such tech-heavy vehicles today, introducing product specialists into the sales process helps improve the delivery process and customer understanding of how to operate key features,” explained Chris Sutton, vice president of the automotive retail practice at J.D. Power. (more…)

Lexus Tops JD Power Sales Satisfaction List

Consumers, generally happier with buying process.

by on Dec.02, 2011

Lexus topped the list in the latest J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index.

It’s often compared to a trip to the dentist – but a new study says American motorists are far more comfortable than you used to be with the car buying process.

In fact, satisfaction with the new-vehicle sales process has improved notably from 2010, according to the latest of J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index, or SSI, with Lexus topping the chart among luxury brands, while Mini ranked highest among mass market brands for a second consecutive year.

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While Lexus and some of the other high-scoring brands also lead the way in terms of quality and reliability that’s not always the case, Mini coming in well below industry average in the latest J.D. Power Initial Quality survey.

Significantly, as manufacturers have come to recognize the increasingly competitive nature of the new car market Power data show that they’ve been putting a higher emphasis on satisfying the customer as soon as they walk into the showroom door.  And surprisingly, in some cases, that means taking more time with customers rather than rushing them in and out of the showroom.