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Cutting Salt From Your Diet? So Are America’s Roads

Environmental impact, vehicle damage fuel search for alternatives.

by on Jan.30, 2018

Governments across the Midwest and Northeast are looking for alternatives to rock salt to de-ice roads in winter.

For decades, states in the Midwest and Northeast have fired up thousands of trucks filled with rock salt and sent them out on the roads to combat snow and ice storms, melting both to make roads safer for commuters.

And for decades, vehicle owners dealt with the not-so-pleasant after effects of salt: rust, corrosion and gunk on car’s panels and components that may ultimately cause them to fail. However, there is now another, perhaps more important, reason for finding an alternative to the hundreds of thousands of pounds of salt used annually: the environment.

Environmental News!

Researchers are showing that the salinity levels of thousands of lakes, rivers and streams are on the rise and it’s all tied to the use of sale on the roads. (more…)