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Rolls-Royce to Unveil 200EX at Geneva Motor Show

The 200EX previews RR4, a less expensive model series from Rolls-Royce, that is scheduled for production next year.

by on Feb.20, 2009

A "small" Rolls for owner drivers appears in 2010.

A "small" Rolls Ghost for owner-drivers appears in 2010.

It’s been three years since the last experimental foray from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the 101EX of 2006 that subsequently appeared as a two-door coupe version of the Phantom in 2009 for $400,000. In the interim, the green movement gained strength globally; the European Union proposed strict limits on carbon dioxide; and super rich financiers were revealed as thieves and frauds. It is in this atmosphere that Rolls, owned by BMW, is introducing a mini Rolls, if such a term can be applied to what is still a V-12 powered car that is 212 inches long.

Rolls makes a distinction that unlike some fantasy concept cars, its experimental models are functioning vehicles, with real wood, leather and steel. EX cars are said to offer designers and engineers opportunities for innovation, to promote new components and engineering techniques, as well as exterior and interior designs.

Now comes the 200EX, paving the way for RR4 or Ghost, a new Rolls-Royce model scheduled for production in 2010 that is based on the 7-series BMW. This one is designed to be driven by the owner, much like the Continental of Bentley. Rolls claims the 200EX has a “dynamic edge” to its styling. It certainly is noticeably less bulky than current models.