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New 8th-Gen Rolls-Royce Phantom Fit for an Oligarch

Enjoy "The Embrace."

by on Jul.28, 2017

The new Rolls-Royce Phantom boasts the longest-running nameplate in the auto industry.

There’s a new king-of-the-hill, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos being named the world’s richest man, ahead of long-time moneybags and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. With Forbes estimating his fortune at $90 billion – even with free shipping – we just might have the perfect car for the online entrepreneur.

After a surprisingly long, 14-year run, Rolls-Royce is finally giving its flagship Phantom “saloon” car a complete makeover, the new model being unveiled at the British marque’s Goodwood factory today.

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Few cars have been around as long, the original Phantom debuting way back in 1925, and with its waterfall grille and “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament, few are as readily recognizable. Only the eighth version of the Phantom since the nameplate was launched 92 years ago, the new model offers plenty of lavish features designed to appeal to the world’s richest and most discriminating motorists – from the new 6.75-liter V-12 engine to the “Embrace” it offers rear seat passengers.


Farewell to the Phantom, as Rolls-Royce Readies a New Flagship

All future models to be based on lightweight aluminum.

by on Feb.25, 2016

It's the end of the road for the Rolls-Royce Phantom, with a new flagship planned for 2018.

If you’ve been saving your pennies and now have enough to buy a Rolls-Royce Phantom, you better move fast. One of the world’s most luxurious automobiles — and, at a base price of $386,000, one of the most expensiveis about to go out of production.

The current version, anyway. But the Rolls Phantom isn’t going to vanish entirely. A new version of the sedan will make its debut in 2018, and it will mark some major changes at the British-based automaker. Helped by German parent BMW, Rolls-Royce intends to switch all future models, starting with the eighth-generation Phantom, from steel to lighter aluminum frames.

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The goal is to come up with a “contemporary and beautiful Phantom enhanced with cutting-edge technologies and design innovations,” explained Rolls CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes.


Hong Kong Tycoon Places Record Rolls-Royce Order

Buys 30 Phantoms for guests at new resort.

by on Sep.17, 2014

Stephen Hung, left, is all smiles after ordering 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms at a cost of $20 million.

Considering their cost, only a select handful of motorists might ever dream of purchasing a Rolls-Royce, but Hong Kong tycoon Stephen Kung is purchasing 30 of them – the largest order the venerable British brand has ever received.

The deal valued at $20 million, Hung plans to use the 30 Phantom sedans to chauffeur guests at the new luxury resort he is building in China’s gambling mecca, Macau.

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“Macau is rapidly evolving into the luxury capital of the world and we are honored to have the opportunity to add to Macau’s many distinctions, the world’s largest fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, including the two most luxurious vehicles Rolls-Royce has ever built,” Hung, the chairman of Louis XIII Holdings Ltd., said in a statement. (more…)

Rolls Pulls Plug on Battery-Powered Phantom

What if you build a car nobody wants?

by on May.21, 2012

Rolls-Royce buyers say "no" to battery power.

Don’t go looking for a production version of the battery-powered 102 EX concept vehicle at your local Rolls-Royce dealer anytime soon.  The project has quite literally come unplugged.

The British ultra-luxury maker rolled out the prototype at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show hoping to test market interest in electric propulsion but has apparently received a “thanks-but-no-thanks” response from potential buyers.

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No surprise, really.  Company officials were clearly more than a little skeptical themselves when they first revealed the Phantom-based prototype in February of last year, but with so many competitors also exploring the potential of electric drive – including Rolls’ parent BMW – it was clear that the British marque had to at least test the waters.


Rolls-Royce Rolls Out 102EX Battery Car Concept

Green extreme machine to debut in Geneva.

by on Feb.21, 2011

Is Rolls-Royce ready to plug into battery power? The 102EX concept will serve as the anchor of a year-long feasibility study.

Rolls-Royce is taking green to the extreme with the 102EX concept car it plans to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show, early next month.

Electric propulsion is the hot topic in the auto industry, these days, but most makers are focusing on smaller vehicles that require relatively little energy – which translates into a reasonably-sized battery pack.  The 102EX goes the opposite direction, exploring the idea of using lithium-ion technology to power the nearly 3-ton Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan.

What Rolls claims will be the world’s first battery-electric ultra-premium sedan will go into a year-long pilot program to explore the potential for using alternative power for the maker’s exclusive products.

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“With this vehicle, we begin an exploration into alternative drive-trains, seeking clarity on which alternative technologies may be suitable to drive Rolls-Royce motor cars of the future,” explains Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, speaking from the company’s headquarters in Goodwood.

Also known as the Phantom Experimental Electric, the one-off model will be used not only to test the technical viability of battery power but also to gauge the response of Rolls-Royce owners, through a series of test drives around the world.


2010 Bentley Mulsanne – By the Numbers

Plenty of power, especially if you crank up the radio.

by on Sep.16, 2009

If numbers impress, consider the 2010 Bentley Mulsanne will boast 505 hp, 752 lb-ft of torque - and 2200 watts of audio power.

If numbers impress, consider the 2010 Bentley Mulsanne will boast 505 hp, 752 lb-ft of torque - and 2200 watts of audio power.

When it comes to launching its all-new flagship sedan, the Mulsanne, Bentley is playing it by the numbers – and those numbers are huge.

The British marque pulled the covers off the replacement for its aged Arnage sedan, last month at the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, but it provided little more than a glimpse at the 2010 Bentley Mulsanne, saving the details for a preview at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

And those details, in fitting fashion, are big.  The lavishly-equipped saloon car’s massive, 6.75-liter V8 turns out a whopping 505 horsepower and 752 pound-foot of torque, most of that at low RPMs.  Power is channeled through a new 8-speed automatic gearbox.  Despite bumping up performance, Bentley claims the 2010 Mulsanne will get 15% more mileage out of a gallon of gasoline, and a Flex-Fuel version is in the works for 2011, which will further reduce CO2 emissions.

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Free Subscription!

The really big numbers, however, come from the car’s infotainment package, the audio system provided by Britain’s exclusive NAIM brand turning out a jaw-dropping – and ear-splitting 2200 watts.  Bentley owners won’t have to take a back seat to the kid with the tuner car whose base notes are booming out at a stoplight.


First Look: 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

Taking aim at the top.

by on Aug.16, 2009

The 2011 Bentley Mulsanne makes its formal debut at the 59th annual Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The Bentley Mulsanne makes its formal debut at the 59th annual Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

For most of its long and storied history, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has provided a rearview mirror on the automotive past, but this year, the show is serving up a look towards the future for one of the industry’s most exclusive and celebrated marques, Bentley Motors.

The British brand pulled off a first-of-its-kind coup, this year, convincing Concours organizers to permit, for the first time in its 59-year history, the debut of an all-new automobile.  More specifically, it’s the public unveiling of the Mulsanne, the completely redesigned flagship for Bentley, which is also the “honored marque” at the 59th Concours d’Elegance.

Breaking news or the inside story, your auto news source!

Breaking news or the inside story, your auto news source!

Expected to carry a price tag in excess of $400,000, the Mulsanne is “miles away” from the outgoing Arnage sedan, says the brand’s CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen, an aging behemoth that has served as the pinnacle of Bentley’s line-up for more than a decade.  For the British brand’s aficionados, that’s an inside joke referencing the fact that that both Arnage and Mulsanne are noted points on the legendary Le Mans race track where Bentley first established itself more than 80 years ago.