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Reports of Road Rage on the Rise

Survey shows 80% of U.S. drivers engaged in some form of road rage.

by on Jul.14, 2016

A new survey says 80% of all drivers have engaged in some form of road rage in the last year.

If you’ve driven a car, truck or SUV, you’ve most likely engaged in it. It can come out of the blue or just be the climax of a rough day at work followed by an even rougher commute home: road rage.

A new study shows that about 80% of U.S. drivers exhibited some form of “anger, aggression or road rage” at least once in the last year. These actions can range from a simple glare for a motorist driving too slowly in the fast lane or showing someone you think they are “No. 1″ even though they drive like “No. 2″ after being cut off.

Bugged Out!

While those are common, and some might argue fairly harmless reactions, AAA says that increasingly responses are becoming more aggressive. The most alarming findings suggest that approximately 8 million U.S. drivers engaged in extreme examples of road rage, including purposefully ramming another vehicle or getting out of the car to confront another driver. (more…)

American Motorists Still Engaged in Distracted Driving

Survey shows U.S. drivers not as courteous as they could be.

by on May.19, 2016

U.S. motorists are still exhibiting the same distracted driving behaviors they've been warned about for years.

Despite years of warnings about the dangers of distracted driving, a new study reveals a mixed bag of results about American motorists and those behaviors: U.S. drivers dislike those behaviors, but are still seeing them in big numbers.

They’re also admitting to continuing to do the things they criticize. For example, 22% of people survey for the annual Expedia Road Rage Report said that texters are the most annoying and dangerous drivers on the road. However, 37% of those same folks admit to multi-tasking while behind the wheel.

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The survey covered various aspects of driving and how people felt about them. As mentioned, the “Texter” is the most annoying, but “The Tailgater” followed at 14%, and “The Last-Minute Line-Cutter” was a close third, garnering 13% of the votes. (more…)

What Gets Your Road Rage Roaring?

New study finds texters, tailgaters and left lane hogs generate the most frustration.

by on May.14, 2015

Texting while driving is the action most likely to inspire road rage in other drivers, according to GfK.

We’ve all had one of those moments, cruising down the road and running up on another driver whose behavior gets us grinding our teeth. But what are the most infuriating behaviors likely to set off a bout of road rage?

Texters top the list, according to a study of 1,000 American motorists by GfK, with tailgaters and “left lane hogs” close behind. The researchers also looked at the sort of in-car behavior likely to set us into a rage, and found that the familiar back-seat driver tops the list.

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The study also found that New York City drivers are considered the country’s rudest, with motorists in Los Angeles coming in a distant second. (more…)

Swervers, Left-Lane Hogs and Honkers: What’s Most Likely to Trigger our Road Rage

Tailgating, texting while driving are the biggest frustrations, finds 2014 Road Rage Report.

by on May.20, 2014

What set him off? A new study finds plenty of reasons for road rage. Image courtesy:

Even the calmest drivers have experienced the occasional moment of road rage as they suffer the follies of another rude or inconsiderate motorist. But what’s most likely to set us off? Getting stuck behind slow pokes who won’t move out of the left lane, tailgaters and those texting while driving are some of the most rage-inducing behaviors, according to a new study by travel site Expedia.

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Curiously, the 2014 Road Rage Report found that 69% of those surveyed have been “flipped off” by another motorist for some perceived slight – but only 17% of those who responded to the study said they have ever extended a rude hand gesture on their own.

The report was released just in time for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of summer and the busiest highway travel season of the year.


Houston Lays Claim to “Road Rage” Capital of US

Portland home to most courteous drivers in the country.

by on May.14, 2014

Houston is now home to the least courteous drivers in the U.S., according to a recent survey from AutoVantage.

Road ragers and their particular behaviors aren’t limited to one part of the United States, but the cities best-known for being vehicularly irate last year have made a concerted effort to clean up their act, according to a recent survey.

Houston displaced New York City as the city with the least courteous drivers in 2014, according to AutoVantage’s annual “Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey.” In fact, only one city – Atlanta – that was in the top five last year, showed up in the top five in 2014. Atlanta was rated fourth in 2013 and moved up to second this year.

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Drivers in “Hotlanta” got the job done by being most likely to hit another vehicle on purpose as well as being home to the most speeders and tailgaters. (more…)

Opinion: Left-lane Bandits Cause Congestion

Drivers need better education about freeway lane use.

by on Feb.28, 2011

Left-lane drivers making you crazy? Left Lane Drivers of America sells window stickers designed to encourage left-lane bandits to use the other lane.

For the first time in my career, I’m commuting by freeway and it’s not pretty.

Every day, I travel a 30-mile section of freeway, some of it six lanes, but mostly four, meaning there are three or two lanes going each way. So what have I learned during all this driving?

This country has a serious need for improved driver education. People don’t know how to drive and the problem really comes to light at 80 mph.

Battling for the Left Lane!

The biggest issue is that many drivers all but refuse to leave the left lane. Drive up behind these people, even flash your lights, and they just refuse to leave the left lane. It’s a laziness issue. Stay in the left lane and you rarely have to change lanes. Talk on your cellphone and you can basically put the car on autopilot. Just steer through the curves and tap the brakes in those rare instances when you have to slow down.

Video Gaming a Recipe for Road Rage?

Study suggests gamers more likely to have problems behind the wheel.

by on Feb.04, 2011

Road rage ahead?

When it comes to video games, it’s a case of good news/bad news, at least when gamers put down the joystick and grab the steering wheel.

On the positive side, cognitive researchers at the University of Rochester have found that playing video games can train you to make the right decisions, and quickly.  But other studies suggest that gamers may also be less tolerant of the decisions others make – at least on the highway, where those who spend a lot of time blasting aliens and battling in dungeons are twice as likely to experience road rage.

Apparently, finds the Rochester study, the faster the games you play the quicker you are at responding to real world situations.  Those who battled it out in Call of Duty 2 were 25% quicker to respond to a situation than those who stuck to simulation games, like the Sims 2.

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On the positive side, that meant the average gamer was able to pass their state driving test in just two tries compared with three for non-gamers, according to a study by Continental Tires.  The rubber maker polled 2,000 motorists between the ages of 17 and 39, half of them gamers, half non-gamers.

Unfortunately, while they may gain some useful skills, according to the study, those gamers also seem to develop some decidedly bad habits, as well.   A full 45% of them admit to experiencing road rage, more than double the 22% of non-gamers who get worked up while behind the wheel.  Meanwhile, 22% of gamers have been stopped by the police, compared with just 13% of non-gamers.