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Rinspeed’s Autonomous Oasis Set for CES Debut

A new take on a “green” machine. Radishes, anyone?

by on Oct.07, 2016

Rinspeed is at it again, creating a haven for drivers and autonomous driving in its Oasis concept.

We can always count on Switzerland’s Rinspeed to come up with a novel way to push the automotive envelope, and it plans to do that again. But rather than wait for the home show in Geneva, the edgy engineering house will bring its Oasis concept vehicle to the Consumer Electronics Show this January.

Rinspeed has, in recent years, focused on electric propulsion, and it’s now putting an increasing emphasis on autonomous vehicles. The Oasis is no exception. Despite its compact footprint, the concept offers a particularly roomy cabin, and that’s where it is designed, indeed, to be a mobile oasis.

Tech Talk!

“The interior offers a new living space with the ambience of a modern-day family room: armchair, sideboard, TV and a multifunctional steering wheel, of course,” explains a Rinspeed press release. “The windshield also serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality.” (more…)

Rinspeed Reveals Ʃtos Concept Ahead of Geneva

Autonomous concept features foldaway steering wheel, lounge-like cabin.

by on Feb.15, 2016

Rinspeed provided an early look at its new Ʃtos concept it plans to bring to the Geneva Motor Show.

We’ve seen some wild and wacky designs come out of the studios of Swiss automotive house Rinspeed over the year, vehicles like the MicroMax car/bus hybrid, and the Dock+Go “backpack on wheels.”

So, by comparison, Rinspeed’s latest concept seems almost tame, at least at first glance. The biggest challenge with getting our mind around the autonomous concept is how to pronounce its name, Ʃtos. No, your computer screen isn’t acting up. As anyone who spent time in a fraternity back in college might tell you, that’s the Greek letter sigma. But should we call this the Rinspeed “Sigma-tos”?

Auto Show News!

However you choose to pronounce it, the concept coming to this year’s Geneva Motor Show is meant to address some of the issues raised by the emergence of the autonomous vehicles that many experts believe we’ll begin to see on public roads early in the coming decade. (more…)

Rinspeed Budii Aims to “Redefine Relationship Between Man and Machine”

"Trans-urban concept car" designed to learn as it drives.

by on Dec.10, 2014

The Rinspeed Budii appears to be an autonomous take on the new BMW i3 electric vehicles.

With the first autonomous vehicles likely heading to showrooms within the next decade, there’s little doubt life on the road will begin to change.  But exactly how? That’s a question garnering a lot of attention these days.  If our cars can handle the morning commute on their own, what will we be doing during our morning commute?

One thing seems certain, self-driving vehicles will “redefine the relationship between man and machine,” suggests Frank Rinderknecht.

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He’s better known as the visionary behind Rinspeed, a Swiss consulting firm that offers its take on the automobiles of the future with a series of concept vehicles that regularly appear at the annual Geneva Motor Show.

And the upcoming show will feature Rinspeed’s new Budii, which the firm calls a “trans-urban concept car.”


First Look: Rinspeed’s Over-the-top Dock+Go Concept

A “backpack on wheels.”

by on Dec.07, 2011

Rinspeed's "backpack on wheels," the Dock+Go concept, will debut in Geneva.

Leave it to Frank Rinderknecht and his team of over-the-edge designers at Switzerland’s Rinspeed.  They’ve come up with a two-piece concept vehicle that they liken to a “backpack on wheels.”

Whenever a release from Rinspeed crosses the digital transom you can expect something unusual.  The design house has come up with submersible cars, cars that slip into specially designed trains and all manner of other off-the-wall transportation concepts.  The latest fits that reputation.

You Are There!

But, surprisingly, the Dock+Go isn’t entirely original.  Chrysler offered up its own version of a two-part show car two decades ago, one that functioned like a minivan with the stowable rear unit attached.  But throw a few levers and it released a small minicar up front.

With the Rinspeed Dock+Go, the main part of the concept is a battery-powered city car that should seem familiar – a Smart fortwo.  A variety of “backpacks,” riding a single axle, can be paired up, depending on personal needs.