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First Look: Rinspeed’s Over-the-top Dock+Go Concept

A “backpack on wheels.”

by on Dec.07, 2011

Rinspeed's "backpack on wheels," the Dock+Go concept, will debut in Geneva.

Leave it to Frank Rinderknecht and his team of over-the-edge designers at Switzerland’s Rinspeed.  They’ve come up with a two-piece concept vehicle that they liken to a “backpack on wheels.”

Whenever a release from Rinspeed crosses the digital transom you can expect something unusual.  The design house has come up with submersible cars, cars that slip into specially designed trains and all manner of other off-the-wall transportation concepts.  The latest fits that reputation.

You Are There!

But, surprisingly, the Dock+Go isn’t entirely original.  Chrysler offered up its own version of a two-part show car two decades ago, one that functioned like a minivan with the stowable rear unit attached.  But throw a few levers and it released a small minicar up front.

With the Rinspeed Dock+Go, the main part of the concept is a battery-powered city car that should seem familiar – a Smart fortwo.  A variety of “backpacks,” riding a single axle, can be paired up, depending on personal needs.